Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tnuva Chocolate Milk 30% Less Sugar + Coupon

שוקו תנובה
30% פחות תוספת סוכר

Tnuva has a new Chocolate Milk on the market. This Shoko line of chocolate milk is made of 2% low fat low lactose milk, it's low Sodium, and contains 96% milk (leaving very little place for many other ingredients like water; which is added to say Yotvata's popular chocolate milk) but most important to Tnuva, it has 30% less sugar than their UHT Long Life Chocolate Milk.

I was wondering why they made a point to say it was 30% less compared to that specific product of theirs, then I remembered that a while back Tnuva lowered the sugar levels in their “Shock” line of chocolate milk by 20% so they had to point out that is this 30% less sugar than in the UHT chocolate milk and not 30% less than their Shock chocolate milks.
Speaking of UHT chocolate milk, not too long ago I happened to taste a UHT chocolate milk called Fresh Mountain Milk from a smaller Dairy; Ramat HaGolan Milk Dairy. I have never really been able to wrap my head around the whole idea of UHT milk, unless someone was traveling to a place where they would not be able to buy fresh milk and could not go without milk while they were there, I don’t really understand why anyone would choose to buy UHT milk over fresh milk?

I was given the small box of this UHT Ramat HaGolan Chocolate Milk on Purim in a Mishloach Manot, as I was cleaning for Pesach and I saw it sitting there I decided to taste it. It was perfectly fine in every way. It tasted exactly like any other chocolate milk. Since I didn’t have much to say about it one way or another I didn’t write a blog post about it but now that I was talking about UHT chocolate milk I figured I would mention it. So if you have a need for UHT chocolate milk I would say the Ramat HaGolan 2% fat Chocolate Milk was tasty and chocolaty but didn’t seem too overly sweet. I don’t know how much sugar it had in it so I can’t compare it to this Tnuva chocolate milk I just tasted 

Back to the product at hand, I shook the bottle and poured myself a glass. I have to say it was a very enjoyable cup of chocolate milk. Nothing extra ordinary about it but it was perfectly chocolaty and sweet enough. I am not one who loves overly sweet products so I surly did not miss the 30% sugar they “removed” and actually as I was drinking it I thought that I would not have minded if they made it 50% less sugar. Having said that I didn’t find this chocolate milk too sweet either, I don’t think kids will complain that it is not sweet enough. I really don’t think kids will notice that its “missing” any sugar.

Here is proof of that, Channel 10 News did a segment where they gave kids a blind test taste between this Tnuva Chocolate Milk and the Yotvata Chocolate Milk (which until now dominated the market with 66% of overall chocolate milk sales going to Yotvata.) It seems most of the kids preferred this new Tnuva lower sugar option. When I saw the nutritionist showing how much sugar it still has I was not surprised the kids still liked it and it reconfirmed for me that they could have done 50% less sugar and it still would have been plenty sweet

Bottom Line: I think it’s wonderful that Tnuva lowered the sugar and sodium levels in this 2% fat Chocolate Milk without taking away any flavor. I found it to be a perfectly chocolaty sweet chocolate milk, and I think kids of all ages would enjoy it without even noticing it had less sugar than other chocolate milks.

To "celebrate" the 30% less sugar Tnuva has a 30% off Coupon, I found online, that can be used to buy a bottle of this chocolate milk from most of the major supermarkets around the country.

Suggested Price: 1Liter Bottle 12.05, NIS 250ml Bottle 5.33 NIS,  225ml Bottle 2.64 NIS

This Tnuva Chocolate Milk 30% Less Sugar won a 2014 Product Of The Year Award

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.  

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