Friday, April 8, 2011

Bamba Kosher for Pesach "Pyramids"

The fact that Osem's Bamba is
Kosher for Pesach (kitniyot)
 is not new.

 What is new about this "limited edition" Kosher for Pesach Bamba is the shape of the snack.

They're shaped like pyramids
(to commemorate the pyramids that the Jews built while enslaved)

They taste exactly the same as the regular shaped
 Kosher for Pesach Osem Bamba
 but they are meant to be more fun for the kids.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are more and more kosher for Pesach snacks available these days so Osem needed to do something unique to get consumers attention to choose their Bamba over any of the other snacks on the store shelf.

To see Osem's cute commercial for the Pyramid shaped Bamba click here
I think the pyramids shaped Bamba is cute and fun, so if they are the same price as the regular shaped Kosher for Pesach Bamba, and you were planning on buying Bamba for Pesach anyway, why not get a fun shape?
Kids usually enjoy their snacks even more when they are a fun shape.

I also noticed that the Nougat Filled Bamba is Kosher for Pesach but I did not taste it to see if it is any different to the chametz version.

According to Israel Food Tours blog It seems the Kosher for Pesach Bamba is also available in the USA but I am not sure that you will find this fun pyramid shaped or the nougat filled bamba there.

Kosher for Passover     

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. very cute commercial!

  2. I agree - I think its a fun happy commercial, glad you enjoyed it too:)

  3. I think Osem did this because people tend to mix up the kosher for passover snacks with the regular if the packages stay the same. This is a big problem for orthodox and they are asking companies to change kosher for passover labels and packaging so people dont get mixed up. I think osem did this for that reason

    1. Good point but I actually did not see the Pyramids shaped one this year I wonder why?
      I am sure what you wrote is why Osem changed the bag and shape of the Pesach Bissli snacks so people would not mix them up.