Thursday, March 21, 2013

Telma’s Kosher for Pesach Cornflakes

תלמה קורנפלקס כשר לפסח

Since I've reviewed many Kosher for Pesach products in past years (link to last years roundup here) I thought I had already written about Telma’s Kosher for Pesach Cornflakes, but when I looked back I realized I never did review this cereal. I only blogged about Nougat Filled Cereals for Pesach. I did mention the Telma Cornflakes when I reviewed Klik’s Chocolate Covered Cereal -Kosher For Pesach . Maybe that’s what I was remembering. I’m guessing that since I found those chocolate covered cornflakes to be kind of “stale” I didn’t think I would enjoy the Telma Kosher for Pesach Cornflakes to start with, so I must have skipped them in past years.

Not to mention that as a whole I’m not a huge fan of Telma’s regular/all year round cornflakes. As I think I mentioned when I reviewed Telma's "Finer" Cornflakes and Telma's Vanilla Flavored Cornflakes, for breakfast; with milk, I much prefer a thinner crunchier cornflake; closer to the texture and taste of Kellogg’s or Special K’s cornflakes. The regular Telma Cornflake has a very different consistency and texture to that of Kellogg's etc. I guess I assumed the Pesach Telma one would be closer to their regular cornflakes so I never spent the money trying it.

Well this year, for some reason, I decided to buy it. This is a product that has been available in past years for Pesach, so you may have tasted it by now. In case, like me, you haven't here's what I thought of it.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to see that it looked much more like a Kellogg’s Cornflake than the typical Telma Cornflake. They were much thinner, smaller and more of a deep orange color. The flakes looked like they would be crunchier than other Telma Cornflakes.

I added milk plus fruit and tasted it. As I thought, they were definitely closer in texture to that of Kellogg’s cornflakes but the flavor was sort of bland, not as flavorful as Kellogg’s. Since I had sliced in fresh banana to my bowl it wasn’t awful because the fruit added flavor and sweetness that the flakes themselves were missing.

The cereal did not go soggy as fast as the regular Telma Cornflakes do. They stayed crunchy enough until I finished my whole portion. 

This is not a cereal I enjoyed dry; I didn’t think it had enough flavor to be eaten as a snack. As a breakfast cereal; with milk and fresh fruit I actually enjoyed it and would much prefer if this was the direction in which Telma took their regular cornflakes all year round.

Bottom Line: Given that this is a Kosher For Pesach Cornflake I was impressed with the texture and crunchiness of the cereal.  I’m happy I bought it. It’s not as flavorful and tasty as say Kellogg’s Cornflakes, I thought it needed fresh fruit to make it enjoyable, but I actually prefer this texture over the regular/year round Telma Cornflakes. For the week of Pesach I can’t have my favorite cereal; Cheerios, so I’m OK eating this Telma Kosher for Pesach Cornflakes for a few days. They are surly better than the Kosher for Pesach cereals from the “Ringels” brand. I had tried those years ago (before I had a blog), and remember them being awful. I would never spend money on them again.

500 gram box 17.99 NIS

Gluten Free
No Artificial Food Color
No Preservatives
Kosher Parve
Kosher for Passover- Kitniyot- Badatz London

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. We also bought them this year - I agree that they are a little bland, but the kids are just happy to have some cereal again, since we had finished our chametz cereal a few days ago!

    1. As a kid I remember really missing cereal on Pesach so even though these are not perfect its nice to have the option to give them cereal they will eat pre-Pesach/Pesach time