Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oreo Cakesters

Just a short post to let all Oreo fans know that Oreo Cakesters have finally made their way to Israel. Seeing as they've been around since 2007 my guess is most of you have tasted an Oreo Cakester by now and have formed your own opinions about them.

אוראו קייקסטר 

Adding to that the fact that there already are many English Cakester reviews on the web.
For example says:
"These snack cakes had the appearance of giganticized Oreos, with two round devil's food type of cakes surrounding a crème filling…The taste was pretty good, with a good mix of chocolate and crème, soft and tasty, and not overly sweet. The appearance was clearly adapted from Oreos, but the taste wasn't much like Oreos. It was more like Devil Dogs, though not as dry as Devil Dogs. Overall, pretty good. These went well with a glass of milk."

So I didn’t think you would need or want another review from me. I'm just here to tell you I saw both the chocolate and vanilla (Golden) Oreo Cakesters at Mega Bool and Shufersal. If you're in the mood for a whoopie pie version of an Oreo you now know they are available here in Israel as well.  

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. i didn't find them anywere!!!!i tried all the stores in jerusalem

  2. So sorry you can't find them. I have noticed that they sell out quite fast once they get them in. Maybe ask who ever is in charge of stocking that part of your local supermarket if/when they will get the next shipment so you can know when to look for it. Hope you like/enjoy them once you find them:)

  3. thank you for the replay. no luck meanwhile..i even called the importers, who said that they are out of them now :(

  4. I'm impressed that you called the importer - good for you, bummer they are out of them:( I guess they didn't realize how well/fast they would sell. I've noticed that seems to happen very often with imported products. Sorry you gotta wait for the next shipment. Did they say when they plan on having more?

  5. no! they were nor very "friendly"..but i did go to megabool near my house, and took your advice and spoke to the manahel, showed him even a picture of it. he went through his computer - and said he will order them for next week!!!yey! (i hope i'll like yhem in the end.....)

  6. So sorry they were not friendly. Cool the manager at Megabool said he would order it. I hope their storehouse has some and they actually get it in for you and I too hope you enjoy them once you finally get them after all your "hard" work, let me know:)

  7. Hi Anonymous who was looking for these in Jerusalem - if you haven't found them yet email me at cuz I saw them in a non chain store yesterday but I dont know if its anywhere near where you live in Jerusalem. If you still want to buy them let me know I will give you the details via email