Thursday, January 12, 2012

Elite Parah 65 Calorie Chocolate Fingers

שוקולד באצבעות למבוגרים
Elite Parah has a full line of chocolate fingers that are marketed toward children and now they have come out with three chocolate fingers for adults. The three options are; Bittersweet-Chocolate filled with Hazelnut Cream, Milk Chocolate filled with Chocolate Truffles Cream and Bittersweet-Chocolate with Almond Bits.

Based on the photo of the chocolates on the packaging and the pictures on the huge billboards I saw all over the place I choose to try the Bittersweet-Chocolate filled with Hazelnut Cream. It looked as though the hazelnut cream was a gooey "liquidy" consistency that I thought looked yummy.

When I opened the individually wrapped finger and bit into the chocolate I was very disappointed to find that the hazelnut cream was far from what the photo suggested it would be. It was not gooey at all; instead it was a thicker more stable hazel nut cream that did not look anything like picture at all.

I thought the filling was way too chalky and very unexciting. I was disappointed that I didn’t choose the one with almond bits instead. I think I would have enjoyed that one much more.

If you like Elite Parah's bittersweet chocolate bars you should enjoy the chocolate part of these fingers as well. I think they used that same chocolate for this product.
I like that each finger is individually wrapped. That tends to help with portion control and at 65 calories per finger it makes for a nice little treat when you're craving chocolate.

Bottom Line: I hate when companies put a photo on the wrapper and billboards that does not correctly represent the actual product. It feels like they are trying to "trick" us.

The grainy hazelnut cream in these chocolate fingers was a major disappointment to me.

I like the fact that each finger is "only" 65 calories so I may try the almond bits one but I don’t plan on repurchasing this hazelnut cream one again.

92 gram package of 8 chocolate fingers – 7.49 NIS

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Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. i love the idea of individual wrappers for portion control to enjoy with a hot coffee

  2. I totally agree but I gotta try the almond one because this hazelnut one was not the right one for me:)