Monday, January 9, 2012

Paramount Farm's Wonderful Flavored Pistachio Nuts

פאראמאונט פארמס פיסטוקים בטעמים
Update: These Paramount Farm's Wonderful Flavored Pistachio Nuts won a Product of the Year award 2013.

Paramount Farm's Wonderful Flavored Pistachio Nuts are now available here in Israel in 4 different variations. Two of which are not really new, anyone who enjoys pistachio nuts would have tried them roasted with salt and non-salted. What's really interesting and new to me are the two flavored pistachios that Wonderful have come up with; Sweet Chili and Pepper 'n Salt.

When I read about these Paramount Farm's Wonderful Flavored Pistachio nuts the flavor that caught my attention was the sweet chili one. I heard about them a few days after I tasted Tapuchips & Chef Eyal Shani's Sweet Chili Flavor Potato Chips so I was curious if/how they compared one to the other.

When I realized that these pistachios come from the USA and are sold in lots other countries as well I thought many of you may be familiar with or may have tried some of Wonderful's Pistachio products by now. I was also sure there would be many English reviews for them on the web. As you may know from previous posts of mine if there are other English reviews of I product I usually just tell you that the item is now available here in Israel and direct you to one or more of the English review I found for the product, so that's exactly what I'll be doing today as well.

To read a review of for Paramount Farm's Wonderful Sweet Chili flavored Pistachio nuts check out foodstufffinds blog post.

To read about the Paramount Farm's Wonderful Pepper & Salt ones check out one of these posts 1, 2, or 3.

Since I mention above that I wanted to know how the sweet chili flavored pistachio nuts compared to Eyal Shani's Sweet Chili Tapuchips I will add my two shekels worth about that.

I thought the flavor on these nuts was closer to the taste of the sweet chili sauce I enjoy as a dip or use in cooking. I thought the "sweetness" came through in these nuts whereas I didn’t notice the sweetness as much on the potato chips. The Tapuchips were hotter 'n spicier and as I mentioned in that post I had a hard time eating more than a few without a "plain" dip. Don’t get me wrong these nuts are plenty hot 'n spicy too and they seem to have salt on them as well. I think I'll mix them with other unsalted/not spiced nuts that will help curb the spiciness and at the same time liven up the plain nuts.
Finally, as I said with the potato chips; if you don’t like chili or spicy snacks this is not the nut for you.

150 gram bag 16.90 NIS

Kosher Chatam Sofer
חתם סופר

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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