Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Griesson Chocolate Mountain Classic & Big Nut Cookies

GRIESSON עוגיות שוקוצ'יפס ועוגיות שוקוצ'יפס עם שברי אגוזים  
Griesson Chocolate Chip Cookies are now available here in Israel. Griesson is a German company and their Chocolate Mountain cookies seem to be one of their trademark products.

I found both the Classic and Big Nut cookies on the shelf at Rami Levi. Since I had to bring cookies, that could be used to make ice cream sandwiches, to a friend's party I got one of each. It ended up worked out a bit cheaper too because they were one for 10 but two for 18.00 NIS so this way I saved a couple of shekels and I can give you a review of both flavors "win win":)

I wasn’t really expecting to like these cookies at all, partly because I'm not a huge fan of crispy cookies, I much prefer softer cookies, and partly because when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, one of my all time favorite cookies, I normally don’t touch anything but fresh home-baked chocolate chip cookies. I was planning on just giving you the opinions of all my friends at the party and not mention my thoughts at all, but when I opened the wrapper of the classic Chocolate Mountain cookies I immediately noticed a dark chocolate aroma. Being the dark-chocoholic that I am I just had to try this cookie for myself too.

As promised on the packaging there were a whole lot of chocolate chips in the classic cookie. Way more than almost any brand of chocolate chip cookie I ever remember trying. Almost everyone at the party liked that very much, myself included.

There was also a nice mix of milk and dark chocolate chips. Even my friends who don’t love dark chocolate like I do were happy with the combination of dark and milk chocolate. They didn’t think either chocolate was too dominating.

The cookies were very crisp and fresh but they didn’t crumble easily. They had a nice thickness to them. All my friends who tasted them really liked them. Everyone at the party thought they worked very well as the cookie part of the ice cream sandwich. They didn’t fall apart easily and they gave a nice crunch and contrasting texture to the softer smoother ice cream.

I didn’t get to taste the Big Nut cookies but most of my friends who did taste them said they were just OK. They didn’t like them as much as the classic chocolate chips one. My friends added that aside from the obvious chopped nuts the cookie batter itself must've had hazelnut ground in it as well. They told me that the cookie had an overpowering nut flavor that many thought was a little too strong.

Along with the chopped nuts there were also chocolate chips scattered in these Big Nut cookies but way less than in the Classic Chocolate Mountain cookie.

When I asked my friends if they would consider buying a pack of these Big Nut cookies most of them said no, they would rather buy the chocolate chip ones. But I guess enough people enjoyed them because not long after I opened the package I looked for one to taste and there was not a single crumb of the Big Nut cookie to be found. I'm glad they were eaten but I understand they were less of a hit than the Classic Chocolate Mountain Chocolate Chip ones.

Bottom Line: If you like crispy chocolaty mass produced chocolate chip cookies these Griesson Chocolate Mountain Chocolate Chip cookies could be a good choice for you. But only get the Griesson Chocolate Mountain Big Nut cookies if you really enjoy a strong nut flavored cookie.          

150 gram package 9.99 NIS

  Kosher Rabbinate Israel
בהשגחת הרב הוכוולד ובאישור הרבנות לישראל

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are mine and my friend's.


  1. Although nothing can compare to a old fashioned home baked chocolate chip cookie, that picture of the chocolate chip cookies looks yummy! I think I even hear them calling my name lol

  2. "I think I even hear them calling my name"
    HAHAHAH I hear you:) I know the feeling!! but in this case I gotta say I really think the photo looks better than the cookies tasted to me.

  3. Those look yummy. I've learned to stay away from anything called "American style." They are usually cheap and too sweet without much else going for them.

  4. Hi Yosefa
    I would say that's a very good rule of thumb! I kind of think somehow the photo makes them look better than they actually tasted to me:) But then again I have VERY high expectations/standards when it comes to chocolate chip cookies LOL
    so maybe I'm not the best judge. My friends liked these better than other such mass-produced cookies but we all agreed there is NOTHING like a fresh home/bakery baked chocolate chip cookie!