Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Elite’s Kif-Kef Bar with Popping Candies

כיף כף סוכריות קופצות
Elite has 2 new products in their Kif-Kef line of products*. 

Kif-Kef wafer fingers are Elite’s takeoff on Nestlé’s popular Kit-Kat chocolate covered wafer bar. The new product from the Kif-Kef line that I will be writing about today is the Popping Candies Bar.

I’ve said many times in my blog posts that I really enjoy a good chocolate covered wafer. I recently wrote about the new Milka's Choco Wafers that were a real win for me. In my opinion Kif-Kef bars are not what I consider a good quality wafer or chocolate bar but I was curious to see if/how the addition of popping candies would affect the wafer finger bar.

Well for starters, the first difference I noticed as soon as I broke off a piece of the bar was that this Kif-Kef bar does not seem to have a wafer at all. Actually it’s a milk-chocolate finger snack bar filled with chocolate cream, rice crispy cereal bits (and popping candies).

I don’t think the quality of the milk-chocolate is anything to "write home about" but I did like how crunchy the fingers were; thanks to the rice crispy cereal they added. 

Yes it was an enjoyable enough chocolate fingers bar but I didn’t “feel” or taste any popping candies. I did not have that popping sensation in my mouth at all, not even when I let the finger melt in my mouth. I know Rice Krispies do have some sort of a popping sensation to them, as their tag line goes “Snap! Crackle & Pop!” but I expected a real popping sensation when I saw the words Popping Candies on the package. I did not get that at all when I had these chocolate fingers in my mouth.

I should say other Hebrew reviews I read on-line did seem to say that they tasted and felt the popping and really enjoyed it so I don’t know why I didn’t pick up on it at all.

That’s not to say this Kif-Kef Bar with Popping Candies wasn’t an enjoyable enough, extra crunchy, chocolate covered finger bar; it was. No, I do not think it can compare in anyway to a better quality chocolate bar or a good quality wafer finger. Still Bottom Line for what it is; an Elite chocolate finger bar, it was tasty enough and extremely crunchy. I really like crunchy chocolate wafer-type finger bars. I think kids who like Kif-Kef will be thrilled to receive this bar in their Mishloach Manot package this coming Purim. I hope they will pick up on the popping candies even though I didn’t. 

Postscript: I tried this Kif-Kef Bar with Popping Candies and wrote the post as you just read it but it really bothered me that I didn’t taste or feel the popping candies at all. It surprised me and bothered me enough that I sent a bar to my friend for her to taste and see what she thought. Well low 'n behold she told me that not only did she and her kids taste and feel the popping candies she could even see them! Now that shocked me so I asked her to send me a photo of what she saw because I still had half a bar left and I wanted to see what to look for. Well she sent me a photo and gosh there it was popping candies in the top of the bar.

my friend's bar with LOTS of popping candies
I did not have those in my bar!! I was kind of relieved to realize there wasn’t anything wrong with my taste buds or eyes, there was simply something missing from my chocolate bar!

my bar NO popping candies

Since I guess I got a “lemon” of a bar I will leave you with what my friend wrote to me after she tasted the chocolate bar.

Actually just tried it ;) it's fun!! As I was cracking off a piece to taste, the top part of the chocolate cracked off and I saw the whole layer of popping candies so I definitely felt them when they were in my mouth. I'm guessing u didn't take a big enough bite when u tasted it or u gotta crack before enjoying lol... I think my kids will really enjoy it...

so I sent her a photo of my bar cut open and asked
"where do you see popping candies?" 

she replied: "OMG looks like yours is missing itand she sent me her photo

Later she added: Just gave the kids the popping candy kif-kef to try… They both giggled as they ate it cuz of the jumping in their mouth...
So there you have it the popping candies do add fun and excitement to this chocolate bar if they are present. I think I will take my friends advice and call Elite to tell them my bar did not have any popping candies in it and see what they have to say for themselves.

Price: 45 gram bar- suggested sale price 4.24 NIS but I got them on sale at Rami Levi 2 for 4.79 NIS (2.39 each) 
OU D חלב ישראל
& רבנות נצרת עלית

*The second new Kif-Kef product is a sub-line of mini (thin bread stick-type) cookie sticks covered in chocolate +. I may write a review on those in the coming days.

 Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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