Thursday, May 19, 2011

Milka's Milkinis Chocolate

Lately I've noticed more and more Milka chocolates in the candy aisle of the supermarket here. I'm not sure if all of them are new to our stores or maybe I just didn’t notice them until now.


One product that I know hit our shelves right before Passover is Milka's Milkinis. They're a milk-chocolate finger with a creamy milk filling.
Milkinis are geared toward children, and the 5 and 3 year old girls who tasted them enjoyed them very much.

 They are similar to the popular Kinder chocolate fingers that also have a milk-cream filling, the ones that Elite tried to copy about a year ago.
I actually like that Milkinis are somewhat flatter and thinner than Kinder's and Elite's versions, it somehow makes them softer and nicer to bite into.

Like on Elites chocolates the Milka chocolate fingers have a cow shape embossed on each cube of the finger.

Compared to both the Kinder and Elite versions, the quality of Milka's chocolate fingers is by far the best of the bunch. Kinder's is somewhat less grainy than Elite's but to me Milka's was not at all grainy, it was "melt in your mouth" smooth and creamy.

The benefit that Elite's chocolate fingers have over both Kinder's and Milka's fingers is that the Elite ones are Cholov Yisrael whereas the other two are not

Milka's Milkinis come either 4 or 8 individually wrapped fingers in a package. 

The fingers are the perfect snack size for a child. Each kid will feel special that they got their own "bar" plus your guaranteed that they all get the same size chocolate, which will prevent any and all "she got a bigger piece than I did" so win-win all around.

50% of each Milkinis finger is milk, so although there are much healthier and more natural ways for kids to get their daily calcium it's interesting to know that there is so much milk in this chocolate treat.

Bottom Line: I thought Milka's Milkinis were a really good quality children's chocolate finger. They were soft, creamy and sweet. Of the 3 chocolate milk-cream filled fingers, available here, I think Milkinis are by far the winner. 

Box of 4 Milkinis 43.7 grams – 5.00 NIS
Box of 8 Milkinis 87.5 grams – 8.00 NIS

Kosher Dairy Triangle K
אבקת חלב נוכרי

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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