Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goats Milk Gelato "The Smooth Side"

שף בועז קווינטנר
Chef Boaz Kwintner (שף בועז קווינטנר ) started a new company called La Luna and if I'm not mistaken this line of goat's milk ice creams is their first product to hit the shelves.

Instead of writing the company name on the containers Chef Boaz decided to give each flavor its own interesting name so we have; The Smooth Side, The Lush Side, The Light Side, and The Bright Side.

The four flavors are; coffee, chocolate, melon and vanilla coconut with chocolate chips.

Although I mentioned the other day in my review of Illy's Cold Coffee that I'm not a coffee drinker, I chose to taste the coffee flavor because it's only 1.9% fat; the lowest of the 4 ice creams. Compared to regular ice creams all of these goat's milk ice creams are low in fat; the melon ice cream has 2.8% fat, the chocolate has 2.9% fat and the vanilla coconut with chocolate chips has the most at 4.3% fat.

After enjoying Tzuriel's Goats-Milk Yogurt I knew that goat's milk products can be wonderfully tasty and are known to be much easier to digest, so I had high hopes for this coffee ice cream.

The first time I bought the ice cream happened to be a very hot Friday here in Israel, by the time I got home the ice cream had melted into a perfect milkshake texture. I was afraid if I put in the freezer at that point I would ruin the taste, so I decided to enjoy it as a milk shake. It was a delicious smooth and creamy coffee flavored drink. I actually really liked it but I thought if I wanted to write a review about this product I would have to taste it as an ice cream. I really did not mind buying another container and eating it as the chef intended.

As an ice cream "The Smooth Side" was just that; it was a smooth luxurious coffee ice cream.

I know some people and many children are hesitant to taste goat's milk products simply because they are so used to cow milk products, but to me this ice cream was absolutely wonderful and if I didn’t know it was made of goat's milk I don’t think I would have noticed a difference. I simply enjoyed the rich silky coffee ice cream.

The Smooth Side Coffee Goat's Milk Gelato is all natural, made with 100% fresh goat's milk which makes it lactose friendly. It is also high in dietary fibers and is packaged in a 100% recyclable container.

Bottom Line: The Smooth Side Coffee Ice Cream has become one of my favorite summer treats. I prefer it as an ice cream but even if by the time I get it home and it's melted into a milkshake I still thoroughly enjoy it. Knowing it only has 1.9% fat makes me feel even better about eating it.

500 gram container 30NIS

Kosher Dairy Cholov Yisrael

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.



  1. where in the world would i find this in New York?

    1. Oh I have no idea? All I can think of is maybe emailing the chef/owner of the company who makes it and ask him if he has a NY distributor or something like that
      Here is the info. re:the chef/owner I could find
      Boaz Mevashel
      Add> Mizpe Hila
      Tel> 04-9572090
      10 years ago, after he established Capriciouse and Big Mama pizzeria, Boaz Kwintner moved to Hila in the western Galilee. The restaurant he established there, operating only on Thursday and Friday, is much like an extension of his own home. He cooks and his wife and children serve. The menu is in Italian-Galilee style.