Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tivoll's and OfTov's Toaster Schnitzel

The latest "trend" in the frozen schnitzel category is a schnitzel that can be prepared in a "pop up toaster". Just 3 minutes and you have a "cooked" schnitzel to enjoy. Both Tivoll and OfTov have such a schnitzel on the market right now. Tivoll's are vegetarian (corn) and OfTov's is made of chicken and turkey.

Tivoll's Corn Toaster Schnitzel

שניצל תירס קופץ להכנה בטוסטר קופץ
Tivoll has 3 Toaster Corn Schnitzels to choose from Corn, Corn & Cheese and Spicy Corn. I tried the plain Corn Schnitzel.

The Tivoll Schnitzels are thin enough to fit in your average pop up toaster and are shaped like a "slice of white bread". They are coated with bread crumbs and chock full of corn.

I found it very easy and quick to prepare it in the toaster. It was ready within a few moments. The outside was warm and crispy leaving the corn inside plump and juicy, yet fully "cooked" through.

I think those that like corn schnitzel will be very happy to with this new "cooking option", it is very easy to prepare and absolutely lives up to its promises.

The one issue I had with Tivoll's Corn Toaster Schnitzel was that it seemed to leave a "puddle" of oil at the bottom of my toaster. Overtime I think this can be a problem; it can possible ruin my toaster or cause it to "short out". I wonder if other people that tried this Tivoll Corn Toaster Schnitzel had the same problem.

420-490 gram bag – 26.00 NIS

Kosher Badatz

OfTov Chicken Toaster Schnitzel

עוף טוב שניצל קופץ
OfTov's Chicken Toaster Schnitzel is possibly the thinnest frozen schnitzel I have yet to taste. It was very easy and quick to prepare in the toaster; literally 3 minutes and it was ready. Just like Tivoll's corn schnitzel; the outside was crispy leaving the inside moist and completely cooked through.

I did think that this thin chicken schnitzel was quite bland; it didn’t have too much flavor on its own. I'm not sure that’s a big problem considering that most people eat schnitzel with a dip or a condiment of their choice.

I was happy to see that this OfTov's Chicken Toaster Schnitzel did not leave an oil residue at the bottom of my brand new (meaty) toaster, but it did leave some of the breadcrumbs coating that I was easily able to shake out and clean away.

OfTov's Chicken Toaster Schnitzel has no artificial food coloring, no preservatives, no MSG and they are low in cholesterol.

 700 gram bag – 33 NIS

Kosher Mehadrin
הרב אויורבך

I thought OfTov's ad was sweet and I read that 5 year old Yonatan was having trouble saying the tag line "Houston we have a Schnitzel" so after some 10 failed attempts they told him to say "Houston guava schnitzel" and that seemed to work, here take a look see J

Bottom Line: I have a feeling many college students have been using a toaster to heat up schnitzel for years (Hay, we used our iron to make grilled cheese, if we would have had a toaster I'm sure we would have used it for schnitzel and the like.) Although these "toaster schnitzels" may just be a gimmick, I guess it's OK that the schnitzel companies have made schnitzels that are just as tasty as their other products and still thin enough and properly shaped for kids or collage students to "officially" use their toaster to quickly and efficiently prepare a schnitzel meal for themselves.

Yes I put the remainder in a
 Sano Vacuum Zip-lock Bag 
to prevent from freezer-burn

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Cute commercial ;)
    Very interesting concept. If I find such a product here in US I would invest in a meat toaster so it can be a quick ez dinner for the kids on days I gotta work late...

  2. Wow! I can honestly say I have never seen schnitzel toasted before. Quite amazing!!!

  3. Hi Anonymous.. Yeah I thought the commercial was sweet:)
    I agree its very easy and convenient for a day that your in a rush, I think it would be worth the few dollars it cost to buy a small toaster.

    Truth is any thin schnitzel would most likely work just as well, the corn schnitzel was not as ultra thin as the chicken one and it got cooked through just as easily.

  4. Hi Simone
    They never ceases to amaze me with the different new products and (at times) gimmicks they come up with to make another buck or two:)

    Now that its on the market here other companies, around the world, are likely to copy it. I'm guessing a version of "toaster schnitzel" will show up in a supermarket near you sooner or later :)