Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Milka Choco & Rice Chocolate

מילקה שוקולד חלב פצפוצי אורז וקרם אגוזי לוז
As I mentioned in my review of Milka's Milkinis it seems to me that Milka is constantly adding more chocolates to our local candy aisle; with their latest addition being Choco & Rice Milka Chocolate.

The package said it's a milk chocolate bar with hazelnut cream and puffed rice. I absolutely tasted the soft and creamy milk-chocolate that Milka is known for, but I didn't notice the hazelnut cream at all. There was however an abundance of puffed rice throughout the entire chocolate bar.

I liked the soft air-filled texture and taste that the puffed rice added. It was very different to having rice crispy in the chocolate bar. I found the puffed rice to be a very interesting and enjoyable texture. Possibly because I'm so used to rice crispy in chocolate bars, don’t get me wrong that's wonderful too, but having puffed rice in the bar was a welcomed change. It's kind of the opposite taste and feel of eating a rice crispy filled chocolate bar.

It reminded me of a Kinder Chocolate bar that I recently tasted it also had puffed rice in it, I may have enjoyed the Kinder bar a little more but only because it was the first time I ever had puffed rice in a chocolate bar. I can't say that Kinder's was better or worse than this Milka's version and I don’t have Kinder's here right now to do a blind taste test. I do think if you liked one you would most likely enjoy the other as well.

One thing that kind of frustrates me with some of Milka's chocolate bars, this one included, is that they are not divided into squares but rather the "cutting lines" prompt you to cut it into rectangle, which I think end up being double the size of an average square of chocolate from most bars. It makes me automatically cut off a bigger chunk for myself and I would rather instinctively cut off a smaller bit, you know "portion control" and all, but hay I guess I don’t have to follow Milka's lines and I can cut it up however I choose.

The wrapper says it’s a special reclosable package that once opened can be pressed back together to keep the remaining chocolate fresh inside. I would not give them very high marks for that, yes I was able to re-close part of the packaging but the top did not remain "glued together". If one part doesn’t work properly it makes the whole "special wrapper" worthless.

Bottom Line : Although I didn’t taste the hazelnut cream and I had some issues with the packaging, I really did enjoyed the puffed rice in the chocolate Milka Bar and I think this Choco & Rice Milka Bar is a wonderful addition to the chocolate shelf here in Israel.
80 gram bar – 8.50 – 9.50 NIS

Kosher Dairy Triangle K D approved by the Chief Rabbinate Israel 
לאוכלי חלב נוכרי

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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