Sunday, July 3, 2011

Feldman's Pomegranate Sorbet Yogurt Pop

פאלדמן שלגון יוגרט וסורבה רימונים
I was looking to buy a low fat/low calorie ice cream type treat the other day, but the supermarket I was in was out of both Strauss Blueberry Yogurt Pops and The Soft Side Coffee Goats-Milk Ice-Cream so I decided to try these Feldman's Diet Pomegranate Yogurt Pop. I'm really glad I did because I actually enjoyed them very much.

In recent years scientific findings have shown that pomegranates have many health benefits especially for "anti ageing" purposes, with these findings pomegranates have become more and more popular in the cosmetic field but I would think the best way to get the true benefits, they have to offer, is to eat or drink the pure pomegranate fruit.

The more pomegranates I eat the more I have come to realize that I actually really enjoy the taste of pomegranates so I was happy that the sorbet layer on this pretty (in my opinion) yogurt pop did authentically taste like pomegranates, most likely due to the fact that Feldman actually used real pomegranate juice (which makes up 7% of this pop). I really enjoyed the slight tangy flavor the pomegranates contributed to the sorbet. For me I thought it worked perfectly well with the slightly sour but, still sweet enough, yogurt center. I enjoyed the combination.

I really liked the soft and creamy consistency of the bar and I was especially happy that the sorbet boarder and the yogurt center had the same texture, for me it made eating the yogurt pop much more enjoyable.

This yogurt bar seemed to me to be a substantial size pop, (60 grams) and it's still fairly low in calories, 72 calories per bar with 1.5% fat. These Pomegranate Sorbet and Yogurt Pops, as I mentioned, are made with real pomegranate and gets all their coloring from real natural sources.    

I find it frustrating that to taste a new diet yogurt/ice cream pop I have to buy a whole box of six. I don’t know why almost all the diet or low fat yogurt/ ice-cream pops on the market here are not sold as individual pops in kiosks and convenience store freezers. I'm not sure why that is but I find it very annoying. Luckily in this case it was not a problem because I liked the yogurt pop and was happy to have a box of 6.

Bottom Line: I'm glad I was "forced" to try these Feldman's Diet Pomegranate Yogurt Pops, because I thought they were very refreshing and enjoyable. I liked the combination of flavors and I guess every small bit of pomegranate I add to my diet can't hurt and might actually be a good thing in the long run.

Box of 6 individually wrapped bars – 24.99 NIS

Kosher Dairy Chatam Sofer Badatz Mehadrin

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. They are very pretty;) I'm gonna keep my eyes open fir these ;) I also don't understand why they don't sell reduced fat versions of ice cream individually at kiosks etc...

  2. Hi Anonymous :)
    I think the "prettiness" of food contributes to the enjoyment of the food, no?:)
    Let me know if you find it and what you think of it if/when you taste it.
    I think everyone involved would benefit if they sold low fat ice-creams individually as well...its just foolish business that they don't I wonder what they are thinking?
    Thanks for your comment.