Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fanta Lemonade Soda

פאנטה לימונדה
 As I mentioned in my review of Kinley's Pear-Apple Soft-Drink I have never been a huge fan of carbonated drinks so although I do like "lemon tangy" flavored things I wasn't going to review Fanta's new, limited edition, Lemonade Soda. Then my friend came over to watch a game, the other night, and he bought a bottle of this soda with him so we all had a chance to taste it. 

 I wasn’t so surprised that I didn’t love it; the truth is I didn’t hate it  either. I thought it tasted sort of similar to the orange flavored Fanta. I wonder though, had I not seen the label and known it was Fanta would I still have thought it tasted like Orange Fanta, very possibly not. I should mention that I did taste the lemon flavor, in this Lemonade Fanta, to some degree, but it was far from the tanginess I like in lemonade.
My friend who bought the bottle and really likes Orange Fanta didn't agree with me, he said it was very different to the Orange Fanta. He really didn't like this Lemonade Fanta at all. He said the Orange Fanta soda is sweeter and not as tangy. He decided that he will continue buying Orange Fanta soda and skip this Lemonade Fanta. (I have to add that I think this Lemonade Fanta is very sweet too but he's right in that it's somewhat tangier than the orange.)

Most of the others who came to watch the game didn't really care one way or the other about this Lemonade Fanta Soda. They didn’t love it or hate it and would rather drink beer or coke and not really touch the Lemonade Fanta at all.

As with the Orange Fanta this Lemonade Fanta is available in a small ball shaped bottle that Fanta is calling a "FBALL". It may be a cute gimmick but it seems sort of ridiculous that they're charging 5-7 NIS for this 250ml "FBALL". From the photos I think it looks like it would be kind of difficult to hold and drink from it but maybe you're not meant to drink it but rather throw it around and watch it "explode" once you open it, I don’t know, but I can imagine that’s what many kids or teens might end up doing with the "FBALL".

The Fanta Lemonade Soda has no preservatives and is made with all natural food colorings.
Bottom Line: This Lemonade Fanta Soda is being marketed as a "summer edition" it will be interesting to see if it stays on the self once autumn rolls around. I for one don't see myself ever buying it but if you enjoy sweet and very slightly tangy lemonade soda this might be the right choice for you.
1.5 liter bottle  6.99 NIS

Kosher Parve Landau

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. If you like real lemon flavor, try either the Schweppes Lemon or more cheaply, the Pepsico Mirinda lemonade. The mirinda is a new favorite of ours for Shabbat.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions I will give them a try:)