Monday, September 26, 2011

Beit Yitzchak's Sheep's Milk "To Go" Yogurt

יוגורמה בית יצחק יוגורט מחלב כבשים
Last week I saw a press release about Beit Yitzchak's new "TO GO" sheep's milk yogurt. So I picked some up at the supermarket today but what I didn’t realize is that this sheep's milk yogurt is not new for the Beit Yitzchak dairy. What is new is the size of the container.
Not realizing I was looking for a small container (75 grams) that says "TO GO" on it, which I did not find on the store shelf, I accidentally bought the regular size container (140 grams). Seeing as the yogurt in both the full and mini size containers is the same and it's new to me, I figured I may as well post my review of this yogurt. Those of you, like me, who have yet to taste any of Beit Yitzchak's sheep's milk products, might enjoy reading what I have to say. Those of you who know and like this yogurt already will now know that it's also available in a smaller container.

The new size is possibly a more appropriate kid's size portion, or as Beit Yitzchak dairy intended, more covenant to take to work or on a picnic outing, hence the name "TO GO".

At first I thought it tasted somewhat like a goat's milk yogurt I often buy, but as I eat the yogurt it seemed much heavier and more sour than the goat's milk yogurt I like. I read on Wikipedia that sheep's milk is richer in fat, milk solids, and minerals than cow's milk. Therefore, as opposed to goat's milk, it's not an alternative for people with (severe) lactose intolerance, because it contains even more lactose than cow's milk. I found that interesting but it did clarify why this 5% fat sheep's milk yogurt seemed so thick and heavy to me.

The one benefit I found in this Beit Yitzchak Sheep's Milk Yogurt being so rich and creamy was that even after a small amount I felt full. That could be why they decided to add a smaller container option too. You don’t need as much to feel satisfied.

I didn’t really like how "sour" this Beit Yitzchak sheep's milk yogurt was so, in the spirit of Rosh Hashanah; I added a spoonful of St. Dalfour's Raspberry & Pomegranate Jam. The tartness and sweetness of the fruit spread worked perfectly with the more sour yogurt and I really enjoyed the rest of the container.

This Beit Yitzchak's sheep's milk yogurt has no added sugar, no preservatives and is gluten free.

Bottom Line: I don’t think I will buy Beit Yitzchak's sheep's milk yogurt  again because I found it a bit too rich and heavy for me, but if I do I would rather the new smaller "TO GO" container and I will surly add either fresh fruit, fruit spread or possibly honey to make it an enjoyable mid-day snack.

140 gram container – 5.60 NIS
75 gram container – 3.08 NIS

Kosher Dairy Mehadrin and Rabbi Eliezer Simcha Wiesse, Rabbinate Emek Chefer

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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