Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Telma's Mixflakes Plus Cereal

תלמה מיקספלקס פלוס

Telma who recently gave us Vanilla Flavored Cornflakes now has a new line of cereals based on their popular Mixflakes cereal. There are three flavors in this new Mixflakes Plus line.

1. Whole Wheat & Rice Flakes with Granola Clusters & Nut Mix
2. Whole Wheat & Rice Flakes with Granola Clusters & Tropical Fruit
3. Whole Wheat & Rice Flakes with Granola Clusters Nuts & Raisins

I tasted the Whole Wheat & Rice Flakes with Granola Clusters & Nut Mix.

Omri Casspi Telma Cereal "presenter"

It seemed to me that it was more of a granola and nuts with a touch of Telma's Mixflakes added in. I guess this is a good example of "truth in advertising" because the "tag-line" in the commercials (staring Israel's NBA player Omri Casspi) that are running on TV for these cereals basically says "we exaggerated with the add ins"! Yeah, they sort of did :). There is a tremendous amount of granola (67% to be exact), and a nice amount of nuts. As a whole I'd say there were way more granola and nuts than flakes.

I liked the clusters of granola and I like that there was a lot of them, but there was a lot more granola aside from just the clusters. The small little bits of granola made eating the cereal dry, without a spoon, a little messy. Still, I thought it was tasty when I ate the cereal dry, as a snack.

The granola held up fairly well when I added milk, similar to how most granolas I have tasted with milk. The whole wheat flakes did go soggy quite quickly but there were so few of them that I didn’t really mind.    

The nut mix is a combination of thinly sliced almonds, halved hazelnuts and roughly chopped pecans. I thought they added a nice crunchy texture and I enjoyed having the nuts in the mix, both when I tasted it dry and when I added milk.

This cereal, like all the Mixflakes cereals, is geared toward adults. It was sweet but not overly so. I enjoyed the sweetness and didn’t think they overdid it.

Bottom Line: I thought Telma's Mixflakes Plus with Granola Clusters & Nut Mix Cereal was tasty, very satisfying and filling, but to me it seemed to be more of a granola and nuts mix than a classic flakes based cereal. Their suggestion on the box to shake it before pouring into a bowl was actually a good idea this way you get a nice amount of all the nuts and granola bits in your portion.

400 gram box 21.99
(I thought that's a bit expensive for a Telma cereal they were on sale at Rami Levi and Mega Bul two for 30.00 NIS)

Kosher Dairy Beth Din London approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel
אבקת חלב נוכרי

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Wow those clusters look goooooooooood! ;)!

  2. :) yeah I liked them :) I ended up picking out many of them and taking them as a snack "on the go" the other day so I thought it was a good thing that Telma "exaggerated" with how many clustered they added:) on