Thursday, September 1, 2011

Loacker Milk & Cereals and Choco & Nuts Wafer Snacks

You may know from my recent review of Loacker's Quadratini Vanilla Wafers that I'm a "fan" of Loacker's wafers so when I saw these new Loacker Milk & Cereals and Choco & Nuts Wafer Snacks I was excited to try them.

חטיפים אישיים לואקר

This new line of wafer snacks comes in three flavors;
1. Choco & Coco; milk-chocolate coated wafer filled with coconut cream and topped with coconut flakes.
2. Milk & Cereal; milk-chocolate coated wafer filled with milk cream topped with wheat-germ crispies
3. Choco & Nuts; milk-chocolate coated wafer filled with chocolate cream topped with hazelnut pieces

Rami Levi had them on sale the other week; one for 10.99 NIS but two for 17.00 NIS. Not being a huge fan of coconut I skipped that one and got the other two flavors. They come in a pack of four; each wafer is 22-26 grams.

The wafer part of both snacks was perfect, thin and crispy, just what I have come to expect from a Loacker product.

Not surprisingly the milk-chocolate coating on both wafers was completely soft and melted. Even thought today is September 1st it's still hot enough here in Israel to make a big melted mess of chocolate coated wafers. Although they were melted I still really enjoyed it. The milk-chocolate on each wafer was tasty, rich and creamy.

I could absolutely taste the milk cream in the filling of the Milk & Cereal wafer. I thought it was a nice smooth and light contrast to the richer milk-chocolate coating.

The wheat-germ crispies on top tasted very much like Rice-Krispie cereal to me. I thought they added an interesting and different texture to the snack. Still, I would have been OK without them as well; the wheat-germ crispies were not my favorite part of the snack.

The chocolate cream in the Choco & Nuts wafer tasted like a richer dark-chocolate to me. Being the dark chocolate addict that I am I enjoyed this wafer even more than the Milk & Cereal wafer. Again I could have done without the added chopped hazelnuts but, I do have to admit, that like with the crispy wheat-germ the chopped hazelnuts did add texture and hazelnut flavor to this treat.  I'm sure many people will enjoy that.

Bottom Line :Loacker Milk & Cereal and Choco & Nut Wafer Snacks live up to the quality and taste I have come to expect from Loacker wafers. I may just wait until the weather cools off so the milk-chocolate coating will not be melted, before I treat myself to anymore of their rich dark-chocolate tasting Choco & Nuts wafer, seeing as that’s the one I liked best.

Pack of four 22-26 gram wafer pack 10.99 NIS

Kosher Dairy Chief Rabbinate Of Israel  
כשרות חלבית (לאוכלי אבקת חלב נוכרי), ללא חשש חדש, אפיית ישראל, בהשגחת הרב ישועה חדאד, מילאנו ובאישור הרבנות הראשית לישראל.
Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.