Monday, August 1, 2011

Telma's Vanilla Flavored Cornflakes

תלמה קורנפלקס וניל
In the supermarket this week I noticed two new Telma Cornflakes on the shelf. They have a Vanilla Flavored Cornflakes and an Almonds & Honey Cornflakes. Of the two I thought the Vanilla Flavored Cornflakes seemed more interesting. I don’t remember ever trying vanilla flavored cornflakes before and seeing as I really do enjoy vanilla flavor that's the new Telma Cornflakes I decided to try.
 When I opened the package I didn't really notice a vanilla aroma but the cornflakes looked like they were "frosted". I assumed the vanilla flavor was added to the "sugar type" frosting on the flakes.

As I mentioned in past cereal reviews I much prefer cereal dry,without milk, so naturally I tasted these cornflakes dry. 

I think I'd put them somewhere between Telma's original cornflakes and their fairly new Finer Cornflakes. The sugar coating did give them a similar crunchiness to that of the Finer Telma Cornflake.

Snacking on them dry, I absolutely tasted the added vanilla flavor, but it wasn't overpowering, it sort of seemed like they just added a touch of vanilla flavoring to a frosted Telma cornflake. They were ok dry, but I usually prefer a slightly less "sugary" sweet cereal, so I don’t think I will buy these again to eat as a dry snack.

 With milk the cereal did not stay all that crunchy for very long, but that’s usually the case with Telma's cornflakes. I just thought the "frosting" may help them not go soggy so fast, but no, the "coating" didn’t seem to prevent them from losing their crunchiness fairly quickly.

With the milk I did taste the vanilla to some degree but way less than when I ate the cereal dry. I often buy a vanilla flavored rice milk and I kind of anticipated that these Vanilla Cornflakes would taste like a bowl of Telma Cornflakes with vanilla flavored milk, but that wasn't really the case. The vanilla in the rice milk is much stronger and adds way more flavor to the bowl than these cornflakes did.

As I mentioned above these Telma Vanilla Flavored Cornflakes are sweet but as soon as I added milk they didn’t seem way too sweet like they were when I ate them dry.

 I'm not sure if kids will really go for this cereal because although they are sweet I don’t know if kids really love vanilla flavor in their cereal no matter how delicately it's added.

 Telma's Vanilla Flavored Cornflakes has added vitamins including Iron.

 These cornflakes have no added preservatives.

Bottom Line: I didn’t hate or love these Vanilla Flavored Telma Cornflakes but if I really want a vanilla flavored cornflakes breakfast I think I'd buy a crunchier less sweet cornflake like say a Fitness or a Special K brand cornflake and add vanilla flavored rice milk to the bowl. That will give me much more vanilla flavor and stay crunchier way longer.

500 gram box – 19.99 NIS

Kosher Parve Mehadrin Rabbinate Arad
 ר' יוסף אלבו

 Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Yay now I don't have to try them. I'll just put vanilla extract in my regular cornflakes if I'm feeling adventurous.

  2. Hi Rabbi's wife
    "I'll just put vanilla extract in my regular cornflakes if I'm feeling adventurous."

    That actually sounds like a really clever idea:)Enjoy!