Thursday, August 25, 2011

Osem's Thousand Island Chili Dressing and Silan (Date Syrup) Vinaigrette

Osem has two new (limited edition) dressings on the market. One is a Thousand Island Chili Dressing and the second is a Silan (Date Syrup) Vinaigrette.

 I was only going to try the Silan Vinaigrette because it seemed more unique and different to me than a Thousand Island dressing with added chili. But when I saw that Mega Bul was having a special on all the Osem dressings; one was 11.90 NIS but you can get two for 15.00 NIS, so I thought it was worth trying both new dressings.

Thousand Island Chili Dressing

I cut up some vegetables to have with dinner and I drizzled some of the Thousand Island Chili Dressing on top. I think I put more dressing than I would have for the first time I was tasting it but, because I wanted to get a decent photo for this post I ended up pouring more than I think I should have . After I realized how much dressing I added I was worried that if it was too spicy I would not enjoy the salad. I do like spicy foods, to a degree, so in the end I wasn't too worried about giving it a try.
אסם וינגרט סילאן לסלט
Yes, the dressing has a kick to it. It was actually exactly what I expected it to be; Osem's Thousand Island dressing with added chili. If you don't like chili or spicy foods I don't think this dressing is for you. It's not the spiciest dressing I have ever tasted but it's absolutely hot and spicy.

I don’t normally buy ready-made dressings, I prefer to make my own. If I ever do use store bought dressing I always go for the low fat version. So to start with I didn’t really care for the full fat Osem Thousand Island dressing. Had they added the chili to their 5% fat dressing I may have enjoyed it more.

Bottom Line: 
I thought the chili in this Osem Thousand Island dressing added a nice extra touch and gave the salad a strong pop of hot and spicy flavor. Even if I didn’t love it, I would say this dressing lived up to exactly what I thought it would be; chili/spicy Osem Thousand Island dressing.

Silan (Date Syrup) Vinaigrette

אסם וינגרט סילאן
To me this dressing tasted very much like a honey mustard vinaigrette. I checked the label and low and behold it has mustard in it as well. On second thought, I'm not sure what I really expected it to be. It makes perfect sense that a Silan Vinaigrette would be a "takeoff" on a honey mustard vinaigrette.

I can't say I would have known on my own that they used silan as the sweetener and not honey but maybe people who regularly use silan or those that normally put honey mustard dressings on their salad will be able to tell the difference.

I thought this Silan Vinaigrette was a little peppery; it seemed like a lot of black pepper to me. I think maybe they used a coarse ground black pepper and as I bit into pepper "bits" it gave a slightly stronger black pepper taste than I anticipated.      

Bottom Line: I don’t normally go for honey mustard dressings but I enjoyed this dressing on my salad. I thought it was a decent dressing. If you like store bought honey mustard vinaigrette dressings I think you will also enjoy this Osem Silan (Date Syrup) Vinaigrette.


All of Osem's dressings (and many of their sauces) are now in a bottle with a different cap. I found the new plastic bottle (as opposed to the old glass one) to be both convenient and easy to use.

I liked that the new cap stays on the bottle and you just flip it up to open it.

It has a "tear" shaped opening that I thought was a perfect sized pouring "spout". It makes it somewhat easier to control how much or how little dressing you want to drizzle on your salad.

Sadly glass is not easily recycled here in Israel, so I was very happy that these new dressings are in a plastic bottle and they will be very simple for me to recycle. That’s just one more plus to the new bottles.

290 mL bottle- 11.90 NIS I got them on sale, two for 15.00 NIS    

Kosher Parve Mehadrin Badatz
הרב יעקב משה חרל"פ

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. :) Yeah and it's actually an improvement over the old bottle, that didn't really have any way to control how much dressing you were pouring out.