Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sanpellegrino's Sparkling Lemon Beverage from Concentrate

סאן פלגרינו מוגז לימון ותפוז
In the beginning of June I read a press release about Sanpellegrino's new summer drinks Limonata (Lemonade) and Aranciata (Orange), I really wanted to try them but I couldn't find the new drinks in any store, kiosk or restaurant that I checked. Last week I was picking up take-out at a restaurant and I noticed that they had Lemon Sanpellegrino in their refrigerator, since the "meal" I was buying allowed me to choose a free drink I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try this Lemonade.

I think I mentioned in my review of Fanta Lemonade and of the Lemon Alma Gum that I really like a very tart lemon flavor especially in lemonade drinks so I was really happy that this Sanpellegrino's Lemonade is quite sour and very close to the tart lemon flavor I like so much.
There was a slight aftertaste that bothered me at first, but I can't pin point exactly what it was or how to describe it. Maybe it was salt from the carbonation of the water?  Or maybe it was from lemon rind? I'm not sure, it doesn’t say there's lemon rind in the drink but it does contain 18% lemon juice and all natural flavorings. I really don’t know exactly what caused the slight after taste but on second taste it didn’t bother me all that much.

I don’t love carbonated drinks but the carbonation in this Lemon Sanpellegrino is quite gentle and I didn’t really mind it.

I love the fact that there's no sugar added to this lemonade, that’s a huge plus in my book. Another plus is the fact that there are no artificial flavorings in this drink.  

My main problem with Sanpellegrino's Lemonade is the price; a glass bottle with 200mL for 12 NIS is unbelievably ridiculous in my opinion. Yes I know it’s a restaurant price but still that is simply highway robbery. Even thought I enjoyed the drink it wasn’t so absolutely amazing that it would justify such a price. Had I not gotten the drink for "free", with my meal, I would not have spent 12 NIS to taste it, regardless of how curious I was.

Bottom Line: I really liked the tanginess of this Sanpellegrino Lemonade. I thought the carbonation was light and gentle. The fact that it doesn’t have sugar in it really made me happy but the price is simply outrageous and will sadly prevent me from purchasing it again.

200mL glass bottle 12 NIS

Kosher OU

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. We have these here! I like the orange one very much, but kids don't. If anyone's expecting soda, these will disappoint, but I like the slight sweetness...

  2. Hi Jennifer
    Cool to know the orange one is good too. Not surprised your kids don't like it,I didn't think kids would go for this drink.
    Your right, good point, its not a soda but a flavored lightly carbonated water.