Sunday, August 28, 2011

Café Elite's Ice (Milkshake) Egozi Drink

A friend and I were out and about the other day when the heat got to us; we both needed something cold to cool us off. I went for a Lemon-Nana Ices (which I may review in a post some other day). My friend wanted a non-coffee blended ice milkshake drink.


We were not far from an Elite Café stand so I suggested that since summer is (sadly) coming to an end we should checked out Café Elite's limited edition summer Egozi Ice Milkshake Drink before they stop selling it. I had read that this Ice Milkshake Egozi Drink was one of the products that came about via the "My Strauss" campaign which I mentioned in my review of the White Chocolate Kif Kef Bar. Being a big fan of the Egozi bar and the newer Dark Chocolate Coated Egozi Bar my friend thought it was a great idea and we went to check it out.

The Egozi Ice Milkshake Drink is meant to be an ice milkshake version of a
deconstructed Egozi bar.

First thing to go into the cup was a generous amount of melted milk-chocolate. Followed by a few swirls of caramel syrup added to the sides of the cup (I actually hate when they do that because you see the syrup but it doesn’t really integrate into the drink and I think you don’t really get to taste it). The cup was then filled most of the way with their blended vanilla flavored ice milkshake. Next they added a bit of foamed milk and finally they sprinkled it with a few sugar coated chopped hazelnuts.
My friend kindly let me taste some of the drink. I liked the combination of the melted milk-chocolate together with the vanilla ice milkshake. I loved the sugar coated hazelnuts they sprinkled on top. I thought the nuts added so much to the drink and I actually wish they would have put more nuts on top than they did.

Not surprisingly I didn’t taste the caramel syrup but my friend said she did taste a hint of it as she came to the end of the drink.

קפה עלית משקה אייס אגוזי

We both thought the milk foam they added on top was a waste and it didn’t do anything to improve the iced drink in any way.

Had I not known it was meant to be a deconstructed Egozi bar ice milkshake drink, I don’t think I would have made the connection on my own but in actuality it did have all the components that an Egozi bar has.

Bottom Line Even though we liked the drink and we enjoyed both the melted milk-chocolate and the sugared hazelnut, I thought, as a whole, the drink was sweeter than it needed to be. My friend disagreed and said it was the perfect amount of sweetness. She pointed out that I often think food and drinks are sweeter than they should be; she might be right about that :)
All in all we both agreed that Café Elite's Ice Milkshake Egozi Drink was a nice treat but really it's just a glorified vanilla ice Milkshake which doesn't really resemble an Egozi bar but it gave Elite an excuse to hike up the price and charge way more than they should have for an ice vanilla milkshake drink.    

Kosher Dairy

18.50 NIS
Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me and my friend. No one is paying me or my friend for this review. All opinions are our own.

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  1. that looks good can you get it in the usa new york or arizona ?

    1. I don't think Elite has coffee shops in the USA, as far as I know, aside from which I think that these drinks are no longer available here either, I think they were a "summer special" item last summer only. They may come back this summer too or they may have a different version this summer I will have to wait and see:)