Monday, August 15, 2011

Lindt Double Milk Chocolate Bar & Carmit's Heart Tu B'Av Marshmallows

Lindt's latest addition to our candy aisle is called Double Milk Chocolate Bar.

לינדט דאבל מילק שוקולד

Although this new chocolate is a bar and not a Lindt Bon-Bon I thought it would still be an appropriate post for Tu B'Av (Hebrew: ט"ו באב, the fifteenth of the month Av). Even though there are many spiritual and historic meanings behind Tu B'Av, here in modern-day Israel, Tu B'Av is mostly celebrated as a "holiday of love" and many people tend to go the "Hallmark route" buying chocolates, roses and all sorts of heart shaped gifts. So I thought I would review this new Lindt chocolate bar today because, personally I'd rather a good quality chocolate bar over a poor quality heart shaped box of chocolates even on this Jewish Holiday of Love.

This new Lindt Double Milk Chocolate Bar is a milk-chocolate bar with a white milk cream filling, hence the "double milk" in its name.

When I first bought the chocolate bar I realized how "soft" it was. I couldn’t help but think of Elite's Summer Refrigerator Chocolate Bar and wondered if I should put this Lindt chocolate bar in the refrigerator too. That way I can taste it non-melted. On second thought, I was afraid that the refrigeration may change the taste and then I can't write a fair review if I did something to change the taste of the product. So I put the bar in a dry cool cupboard and waited a few days before I tried it.

I thought this Lindt Double Milk Chocolate bar was a high quality, very soft and creamy chocolate. Even though it was probably a little more melted than it may have been during the winter months, I actually think it's intended to be a soft, velvety chocolate. Just as the wrapper says "Swiss Milk Chocolate, Smooth Milk Filling"
I've mentioned often on this blog that I normally prefer bittersweet chocolate, still I did enjoy this smooth, yet rich, milk chocolate bar. I absolutely tasted the added "milk" in the cream filling and thought it was a nice extra touch.

Bottom Line: I think milk-chocolate lovers will thoroughly enjoy this excellent quality, sweet but not overly sweet, milky, rich, creamy Lindt Double Milk Chocolate Bar.

כרמית מרשמלו לבבות

If you still really want a heart shaped treat for Tu B'Av I did notice that Carmit, who gave us both the  Sour Marshmallows and the Spring Flower Shaped Marshmallows now have a special heart shaped Tu B'Av marshmallow on the shelf. If you want you can use this Lindt Double Milk Chocolate bar and the heart shaped marshmallows and make some really special Tu B'Av s'mores I may do just that later today :)
Chag Tu B'Av Samach 


Lindt's Double Milk Chocolate bar is Kosher Dairy 
 Triangle K D – USA approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel
לאוכלי אבקת חלב נוחרי  

100 gram bar – 13.99

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Thank you!! how sweet of you to say that:)

  2. Hi Daniela,

    The Lindt chocolates are quite common here in England, and this is one of my favourite bars. I loved reading your review and glad that you enjoyed the chocolate.