Sunday, March 18, 2012

Loacker Chocolate Coated Wafer Sheets

פולייט של לואקר דפי וופל
Loacker has a new product on the local market; Chocolate Coated Wafer Sheets. They come in two flavors. One is a white (vanilla) wafer sheet coated in 73% milk-chocolate and drizzled with 9% dark-chocolate and the second is a dark (chocolate) wafer sheet coated in 73% dark-chocolate and has a 9% white-chocolate drizzle.

The Loacker website describes them as:

 Light and crispy wafer leaves covered with the finest chocolate: what a delight! Incredibly rich in chocolate (82% of the product) and so irresistible…perfectly in line with the expectations of chocolate lovers searching for light crispiness“

Being a big fan of chocolate, and many other Loacker product, their description sealed the deal, now I surely wanted to try this.
I’m not sure how long these have been available in other countries, where Loacker is sold, but they are new to Israel. I also don’t know if a chocolate coated wafer sheet with no “filling” is a new concept altogether or just new to me, but given that I usually prefer the wafer part of the wafers over the filling I found the idea interesting. I was not disappointed when I tasted them.

The 4.5cm square wafer sheets are fairly thick, about .5 cm thick, much thicker than the sheet you get in most other Loacker wafers. I liked that. It gave the wafer substance; it felt like I was biting into a cookie of sorts. The wafer was fresh and crispy just as Locaker promised it would be.

The pleasant surprise for me came from the dark-chocolate. I’ve mentioned on many occasions that I love dark/bittersweet-chocolate, the 60% cocoa butter dark-chocolate coating on these Loacker wafer sheets was richer and more enjoyable than I anticipated it to be. It seemed to be a better quality chocolate than I thought I would get on a wafer. I would go so far as to say non dark chocoholics may think it’s too rich or too bitter. For them I suggest “sandwiching” a milk-chocolate wafer leave with a dark-chocolate one to get the perfect chocolate combination for them.

I did think the white chocolate swirl on the dark chocolate wafer and the dark chocolate swirl on the milk chocolate one got lost in the respective chocolate coating and I didn’t taste them in either case but they did add a pretty design to the wafer.

Bottom Line: I completely agree with the description from the Loacker website. I think Loacker has “done it again” and come up with an enjoyable treat for any wafer or chocolate lover who wants a light snack to accompany their hot drink or if they are looking for something small to curb a chocolate craving. The dark-chocoholic in me was impressed with the richness of the bittersweet chocolate coating. But there is also a wonderful option for milk-chocolate lovers as well. I can see myself buying these again when I want a somewhat special treat.     

100 gram box 10.99 NIS

Kosher Dairy Rabbi Chadad Milano Italy approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel
כשרות חלבית (לאוכלי אבקת חלב נוכרי) ללא חשש חדש, אפיית ישראל, בהשגחת הרב ישועה חדאד, מילאנו ובאישור הרבנות הראשית לישראל

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me.  No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own