Monday, May 20, 2013

Grape Flavor Fuze Ice Tea

Fuze Tea Israel, which is owned by Coca-Cola Israel, has a new ice tea flavor on the local market. Actually I think this is their first new flavor since they changed their name from Nestea to Fuze Tea last May (as I wrote about in this blog post). Since Fuze Tea was the old Nestea all the flavors that the old Nestea had are available under the Fuze Tea name but now that they seem to be settled into their new name they are ready to come out with a new flavor.

פיוז תה ענבים

Just by the way from what I gather, Fuze Tea Israel is not the same as Fuze Tea in other parts of the world. Here in Israel it really is the same exact product as the old Nestea was. They taste exactly the same whereas the new Nestea here in Israel tastes very different to me and I did not enjoy it. On the other hand, I have read and heard from friends in the USA and Europe that they hate Fuze Tea and it tastes nothing like the old Nestea.  So my conclusion is that Fuze Tea outside of Israel must not be the same product as the Fuze Tea made by Coca-Cola Israel and sold here.

I can’t say I ever remember tasting a grape flavored ice tea so I was curious to taste it. I thought it was refreshing and somewhat enjoyable but ever so slightly too sweet for me. Then again, I don’t really enjoy things that are even a drop too sweet. Since I think I’m not really the right person to go by regarding sweetness in many cases, I gave a glass of the Grape Fuze Ice Tea to my friend as well. She did not think it was too sweet whatsoever.

As soon as I tasted it I knew right away that it was a fruit flavored ice tea but had I not known it was grape flavored I don’t think I would have guessed grape right off the bat. Interestingly enough my friend totally disagreed with me and said it tasted way more like grape juice than ice tea. She had a hard time finding the tea flavor in the drink. She couldn’t believe I didn’t pick up on the grape flavor as strongly as she did. She added that even if I had not told her it was grape she would have known right away that is was grape flavored, she thinks they went a little too far with the grape flavor in the tea.

Bottom Line: We both thought this Grape Flavored Fuze Ice Tea was refreshing enough but neither of us liked it to the point that we would buy it again. I can’t see this taking off like the peach flavored ice tea from Fuze Tea (which I think is the highest selling ice tea on the local market.) My friend added that if you like grape juice she thinks you would like this Grape Flavored Fuze Ice Tea, but if you really want grape juice why not just buy grape juice and skip this ice tea all together. 

1.5 liter bottle - 7.05 NIS
Kosher OK and Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own

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