Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nature Valley Thins

I'm a fan of many Nature Valley Products, including the THE OATS 'N DARK CHOCOLATE CRUNCHY GRANOLA BAR and the Nature Valley's Dark Chocolate Soft Granola Bars so when I saw these Nature Valley Thins on the shelf I really wanted to try them. They are available here in Israel in two flavors; Whole Oates and Whole Oats with Peanuts. Both have a layer of chocolate at the bottom. I bought both of them to try.

I will try to keep this a short post because there are tons of English reviews online for this product. Not only on “reviewer blogs” but since these Thins are sold on sites like Amazon many customers wrote quick reviews on those kinds of sites too; after they purchased/tried them.

Bottom Line: I thought the Nature Valley Thins were very tasty. The peanut flavor was present in the Thin that had added peanuts in it but it wasn’t over powering or too strong. I thought the flavors all blended together very well.  
I would consider these Nature Valley Thins to be an “oatmeal cookie” not a granola bar substitute. To me they are not as filling or satisfying as a granola bar. I can’t use them to replace breakfast when I’m in a rush to leave; still it’s a nice snack when I want a treat.

It’s a bit of a messy cookie, it cracks easily and leaves crumbs like the Crunchy Nature Valley Granola bars do. Aside from that, I also didn’t like that the chocolate at the bottom was melted and got all over my fingers as I tried to put the Thin in my mouth.   

All in all it was a tasty cookie but I think it has a few too many calories for a product that claims to be “good for you”. 85 calories for a 17 gram cookie doesn’t seem too “dietetic” to me. There are tasty granola bars available that are about 90 calories which I find more filling than these Nature Valley Thin.

Box of 10 individually wrapped 17 gram Thins - 19.99 NIS
Kosher Dairy

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own


  1. These are really good. I tried them when I was in Israel. Last I checked, the thin version with chocolate is not kosher in the U.S.- can't wait to get back to Israel and have them again!

    1. Glad you got to try them and enjoy when you were here. I wonder why they are not kosher in the USA if they can make them Kosher here they should be able to make them Kosher in the USA too. Do they have Thins without chocolate that are Kosher in the USA?

  2. I WISH they actually made these healthy, it drives me crazy when they call bars loaded with sugar healthy! Not to mention that eating chocolate before a workout (my main use for eating a health bar) gives me heartburn. I would love it if they had a peanut butter only option, but I guess they think chocolate sells more...

    1. I totally agree I wish they really were healthy, like you said it's ridiculous how they call sugar filled bars good for you.
      A peanut butter only option sounds great- I would love to try that, I think- but I am not sure, that they have such a bar in the USA but I have not seen it here, if so maybe it will come here at some point.