Monday, May 6, 2013

Pizza Toast Maadanot

מעדנות פיצה טוסט

Tnuva has a new product in their Maadanot frozen pizza category. They are calling it Pizza Toast. This frozen pizza is meant to be warmed up/baked in a pop-up toaster for 6-8 minutes on high heat. Kind of like a pizza “Pop Tart”. The outside crust/dough is meant to get toasted and at the same time as it warms up the pizza sauce and cheese inside, to give you a ready-to-eat pizza product in a matter of minutes.

There are two Pizza Toasts to choose from; one is a regular Cheese Pizza and the second one has added green olives in it. I tried the regular cheese pizza one.

The idea behind this Toast Pizza reminded me of the Toaster Schnitzels I wrote about in June of 2011. I think both of them are geared toward kids who need a quick and easy snack/meal that they can prepare for themselves when they get home from school without having to deal with the dangers of an oven, just a few moments in the pop-up toaster and it’s ready to eat.

My first thought when I opened the package and saw the Pizza Toasts was that they look somewhat “amateur”. Something about the way they looked didn't seem "professional"; each one was ever so slightly different in size and a bit different is color. I think that was because of the different amount of pre-baking each one had. Not that this bothered me all that much, it just surprised me. I thought maybe it’s a good sign, maybe it means they are not mass-produced but handmade. I had a slight hope that they might taste better than the other frozen pizzas Maadanot make (which, by the way, I think are mediocre to bad frozen pizzas.)

I put one in the pop up toaster that was set to medium-high and waited until it looked golden brown, as per the instructions on the bag. I don’t think it took the full 8 minutes but I guess that depends on how hot your toaster gets. I was afraid to leave it in much longer because it would have burnt the outside.

Once I cut it in half I saw that although the crust/outside was crispy and toasted nicely not all the cheese inside was melted to my liking. I was afraid to put it back in the toaster because I had cut into, it so I just tasted it as is. Could be you should use a lower heat for a longer time; maybe then the cheese inside would be more melted without burning the outside.

Taste wise I was somewhat disappointed. I say “somewhat” because this being a Maadanot product my expectations were very low to start with. I think this Toast Pizza fits in with all the other Maadanot Pizzas. I find them to be ultra bland and closer to a bad grilled cheese than anything I would consider "pizza". I guess they use really poor quality sauce and cheese which makes for a poor quality final product. I say they have a lot of work to do flavor-wise to improve on this (and all of their pizza products).

Bottom Line: I think Maadanot Toast Pizza needs much more flavor in the sauce and tastier cheese to make this a winner in my book, but I do like the idea/concept of this product, I just wish it tasted better and closer to what I think a pizza should taste like. Unless they improve on the taste I do not plan on ever buying this again.   

Pack of 8 Pizza toasts (800 gram package) 26-29 NIS but I got it for the introductory price of 24.90 NIS 

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


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