Thursday, May 9, 2013

Milky Chocolate Pudding with Crunchy Wafers

מילקי וופל
In their continuous effort to come up with something NEW and DIFFERENT Milky Strauss has a new gimmick on the market just in time for Shavuot; the “Dairy Holiday”. It’s called Milky Wafer Crunch. With each Milky chocolate pudding topped with their signature whipped cream you get 2 (individually wrapped) triangle shaped crunchy wafers.

The idea is similar to the Milky's Whip Cream & Chocolate Spoons, I wrote about in April of 2012. There you had a chocolate spoon to use as a utensil to eat the whip cream, this time you are meant to use the wafer to scoop up the pudding and whip cream and then eat the wafer at the end.

Since the Milky pudding and whip cream are not new I will just talk about the wafer part.

The wafer itself is a fairly thick and very crunchy wafer. I thought that was a good thing, this way it did not go soggy as I used it as a scoop. It did soften up a bit from the continuous dipping into the pudding but since it kept its “strength” the slight softening was fine and the texture of the wafer was enjoyable even after it had softened up. 


מילקי וופל
I read that the wafer was supposedly caramel flavored. I can't say I picked up on a caramel flavor when I ate the wafer on its own or when I used it as a scoop for the pudding. I don’t see that as a big issue because I thought it was tasty yet plain enough not to interfere with the taste and flavors of the whip cream or pudding.  

The big issue I had with this product was how messy it was to use the wafer as a scoop. At about the midway point, even if you did not bite off any part of the wafer, the shape of the container compered to the size and shape of the wafer triangle made it difficult to spoon out the rest of the pudding without getting pudding all over your fingers. I think they should have put the Milky in a bowl (wide top) container as opposed to their regular cup like container. I think that would have made it easier to eat the pudding with the wafer and not make a big mess.

Bottom Line: Yes, this “Crunchy” Milky Pudding with Wafer Triangles is a gimmick but I gotta say I thought it was one of the more successful gimmicks that Milky has come out with in the last few years. If you enjoy the taste of Milky’s regular chocolate pudding and whip cream (I don’t like their whip cream) then I think you will enjoy the wafer and the combination of wafer and pudding. I would say they need to rethink the packaging so it’s not so messy to eat scoop up the pudding with the wafer.

I was also disappointed that this wafer pudding combo is only available in the 6 pack of Milky. So if you don’t want to buy 6 puddings you can’t try this product. I don’t think that’s fair.

Pack of 6 puddings + 6 individually wrapped wafer packets -2 wafers per packet: 22.30 NIS


Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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