Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Elite's Pre-Popped Popcorn

עלית פופקורן מוכן
Given the new “Popcorn Law”, that just passed here in Israel; As Of January 2013 it will be legal to bring your own snacks into the movie theater, sport arena and other such venues. I was not surprised to see Elite got right on the bandwagon and come out with prepackaged, pre-popped natural flavored popcorn.

I know that for most people getting a fresh buttery popcorn at the entrance to the movie is a huge part of the theater going experience so I was hesitant to think that anyone would want to bring this pre-popped version with them. I figured there's no way it could be as tasty as a fresh bucket from the theater, but when I tasted the bag I was pleasantly surprised how fresh and enjoyable it was. Yes this is a natural flavor and not butter flavor but it was nice and salty and I’m pretty sure they will come out with a buttery flavored one as soon as this natural flavor one has a successful launch. Not that I really prefer butter flavor but I know many people that do.

Now let’s talk money. Yes price–wise Elite’s Popcorn is absolutely worth your while. Since I haven’t bought popcorn at the movies in a while a quick online search told me that a small bucket of popcorn runs anywhere from 17-19 NIS. I think, but I'm not 100% sure, that a small bucket is about 60 grams of popcorn, this bag has 80 gram in it and its only 5 NIS a bag! Popcorn weighs very little so 80 grams is a nice amount. I think it’s about the amount of a midsize bucket which runs you about 20-23 NIS, so you can get 4 bags of this Elite Popcorn for about the price of 1 midsize bucket. No, Elite is not being generous it’s the movie theaters etc. that are taking advantage of highway robbery! Thank goodness that will be coming to an end soon.
Bottom Line: Come Jan. 2013, when the new popcorn law comes into effect, I personally would have no problem whatsoever enjoying this bag of Elite Popcorn over buying a bucket at the theater. For me this was plenty fresh, light, salty and enjoyable. No, it wasn't warm but that doesn't bother me. Plus I can get four bags for about the price of one midsize bucket, not that I need or want that much popcorn but still win-win. I’m sure there are people who would miss the butter flavor but I have a feeling that will be Elite’s next flavor in this line.

80 gram bag 5.00 NIS

Kosher Badatz

 Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own


  1. Oh, cool, I knew nothing about this law or the new Elite popcorn-thanks for the heads up! Since I hate waiting in line to get popcorn, find the smallest size of popcorn ridiculously large and also dislike the buttery taste, I will definitely check these out. They could even be a healthier alternative to the crunchy snacks I always seem to have a craving for. Fantastic!

    1. Glad to have told you about the new law- yeah its a good law just not sure why we have to wait until January for it to start but I guess better late than never:)

      Let me know if you like the popcorn when you taste it:)
      Thanks for your comment:)