Monday, August 6, 2012

Orbit Watermelon Flavored Drops

סוכריות אורביט דרופס ללא סוכר אבטיח
Of all the Sugar-free Candies available here in Israel I actually really like the Orbit Lemon Drops, so when I read about the new Watermelon Flavored Sugar-Free Orbit Drops I thought I would give them a try.

Granted, I like the Orbit Lemon Drops mainly because I enjoy sour/tart flavors and the Lemon Drop happens to be more tart than most of the sugar-free lemon candies I’ve tried. Given that watermelon flavor is typically not tart but sweet, I wasn’t really expecting to like this watermelon candy, still I wanted to give it a chance. 

Well, I had the Watermelon Flavored Orbit Drop in my mouth for a few seconds and I had to get rid of it, it was that awful in my opinion. It reminded me of those horrific children's liquid medicines that supposedly taste like fruit, when we all know they taste nothing like fruit. put it best when they said:

It makes me wonder if Orbit ever tasted a fresh delicious watermelon because I saw no connection between the flavor of this candy and the taste of a refreshing wonderful watermelon.

I gave an Orbit Watermelon Drop to a friend who, as opposed to me, likes sweet fruit flavored gum and candy. She completely agreed with me that this candy tasted like a terrible “fruit” flavored syrup medicine. She too did not want to keep the candy in her mouth for very long. 

Bottom Line: If you know anyone who enjoys the taste of fruit flavored syrup medications they may like this Watermelon Flavored Orbit Drop, but both my friend and I thought it was really awful.

33 gram box- 4.90NIS

Kosher Badatz KF London

 Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me or my friend for this review. All opinions are our own

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