Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ice Coffee Aroma with Crushed Cookies

אייס ארומה קרם עוגיות
I was with a friend at Aroma Café the other day and we saw a newer Ice Drink on the menu that we had never tried. It’s listed as Ice Aroma Cookies. According to the description its Aroma’s regular blended ice coffee with crushed chocolate sandwich cookies added in. (I didn’t write Oreos because I do not think they used “authentic” Oreos.) The ice drink looked a little odd with all the crushed cookies in it but from the description we thought it would be like a cookies ‘n cream coffee flavored ice cream, which we both love, so we were curious to try it.

As opposed to the regular Aroma ice drinks this was individually blended on the spot and not just poured from one of those dispenser machines they have for most of their other ice drinks.

When I tasted the drink, as a non coffee drinker, even I did not really pick up on a strong coffee flavor. Had I not known there was coffee in it I would have thought it was an ice chocolate drink. On the other hand, it didn’t seem to have a very rich chocolate flavor either, surly not like a real chocolate Oreo would have given it, but still more chocolate than coffee. My friend, who is a regular coffee drinker, agreed. She didn’t really pick up on any coffee flavor either.

I thought this Aroma Ice Coffee Cookies was fine, not great, not even good, just OK. It wasn’t awful or anything like that but like I said just OK. I would have liked it to have either a more defined coffee flavor or a richer real Oreo taste, but this “not here and not there” flavor wasn’t all that tasty to me.

We found the drink to be thinner, in a way, than the other Aroma ice drinks we’ve tasted in the past. I think it had less crushed ice than the regular Aroma ice drinks have. I guess the cookies make it thicker so they didn’t want to add too much ice, because then it may be really difficult to drink via a straw. Still, as soon as the ice melted a drop, I found the drink to be too thin. In that state it didn’t taste as nice to me as when the ice was still ice. I would have preferred for it have thicker ice and less cookie crumbs, if need be, just so the ice wouldn’t melt so fast and make the drink such a diluted and odd-tasting mess. My friend totally agreed.

I also didn’t like the slight waxy residue the cookie icing left in the last few sips, or rather spoonfuls, of what was left at the bottom of the cup once we could drink it thru the straw anymore. That was another reason I was kind of convinced they didn’t use real Oreo cookies. I don’t think real Oreo filling would taste so waxy.

We saw a teenage boy at the next table who had ordered this drink as well, he absolutely loved this Ice Coffee Cookies Aroma drink, till the last drop. He didn’t stop talking about it in quite a loud voice:)

(By the way, my friend and I had the tuna pasta salad from Aroma's summer menu, we both enjoyed it.)

Bottom Line: My friend and I were somewhat disappointed with this Aroma Ice Coffee Cookies drink. We didn’t like the texture of it once the ice melted a drop. We also didn’t think the flavors; coffee or chocolate were strong enough. It wasn’t awful and we’d say it was a nice attempt on Aroma’s part to try something new but we didn’t think it was a real winner either and surly not worth 19 NIS in our opinion. 

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me or my friend for this review. All opinions are my own or that of my friend's.


  1. You might have had a not-quite-perfect cup. I had it twice in the last three days and one cup was better than the other, but even the weaker one beats the triple chocolate cookies frappucino by Starbucks, I think. Individually blended drinks always carry a risk of uneven quality.

    I agree, however, that the texture was kind of odd.

    1. Good point, when a drink like this is individually blended each one will come out different, so like you said, you never really know what you'll get.

      We had two separate drinks that day and both were weak on flavor and didn't have enough ice in our opinion. Glad to hear one of the drinks you got were good :)

      I have never tasted the Starbucks triple chocolate cookies frappucino drink but glad you liked this better than that.
      Thanks for your comment