Sunday, August 19, 2012

Loacker Chocolate Coated Gardena Fingers & Quadratini Wafers

לואקר קואדרטיני מצופה
Loacker has added two wafer snacks to the local Israel market. One is a bag of Chocolate Coated Gardena Wafer Fingers. And the second is a box of Chocolate Coated Quadratini Wafers. They both come in two flavors; chocolate and hazelnut.

You may know from past blog posts of mine, that I’m a big fan of Loacker products. I think they make really wonderful wafers. Whenever I see a new Loacker product I’m excited to try it. This time was no exception. I chose to try the Hazelnut flavored Chocolate Coated Gardena Wafer Fingers and the Chocolate flavored Chocolate Coated Quadratini Wafers.

לואקר- חטיפי גרדנה בשקית
First I tasted the Chocolate Coated Hazelnut flavored Gardena Wafer Fingers. Really what’s new here is the size of the wafers in question and not so much the wafer itself. Loacker has the same Chocolate Coated Gardena wafer in a full size wafer. Now they are adding this new snack-size wafer finger. They come individually wrapped in a bag of 10. 

It’s a nice addition in my opinion because it helps me with portion control. If I want just a small little treat I can have one 12.5 gram wafer as opposed to a 25 gram full size wafer. I also think it’s a good “kids-size” snack. I’m sure most kids would be very happy to find one in their lunchbox.

The only issue I had with this Chocolate Coated Hazelnut flavored Gardena Wafer Finger was, the chocolate coating melted and lots of it ended up staying on the wrapper and not on the wafer. I understand its summer and that’s bound to happen but it was messy and it bothered me, but not enough that I wouldn’t buy this product again.

I opened the box of the Chocolate Coated Quadratini Wafers to find two separately packaged foil wrapped trays of wafer cubes. Each of the 12 cubes was in its own compartment. This packaging keeps the wafers neat and in its place. This kind of tray makes it easy to pick up each chocolate coated cube whether you’re snacking on your own or sharing with friends and family.

Seeing that Loacker’s Quadratini Wafers are one of my all time favorite wafers; I just love the size, shape, texture and taste of them. I wasn’t at all surprised that I really enjoyed these Chocolate Coated Quadratini Wafers very much. They were just as wonderful as all other Loacker Quadratini Wafer cubes, but had the extra layer of a rich creamy milk-chocolate coating.  

I do think 12 NIS for 24 cubes of chocolate coated wafer, no matter how much I liked them, is way overpriced. Then again most of Loacker’s products are overpriced here. I wait until they go on sale (which happens very often, especially at Rami Levy) and then I stock up.

Bottom Line: Two more winning snacks for this fan of Loacker wafers. As a whole, I’d say they both lived up to my high expectations of a Loacker wafer. The wafers themselves were thin, crisp and fresh. The milk-chocolate coating was creamy ‘n chocolaty and the fillings were tasty and rich. These are all things I’ve come to expect from a Loacker wafer.

Chocolate Coated Quadratini Wafer- 136 gram box 12 NIS
Chocolate Coated Gardena Wafer Fingers- bag of 125 grams 15 NIS

Kosher Dairy
 כשרות חלבית (לאוכלי אבקת חלב נוכרי) ללא חשש חדש, אפיית ישראל, בהשגחת הרב ישועה חדאד, מילאנו ובאישור הרבנות הראשית לישראל.

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are mine

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