Thursday, August 23, 2012

Milka Choco & Popcorn Chocolate Bar

מילקה פופקורן
Today's post is about Milka’s Choco & Popcorn Bar, yes you read that correctly! The latest Milka chocolate bar to make its way into our local Israeli supermarket is Milka’s Choco & Popcorn. It’s a bar of popcorn, covered in milk-chocolate.

The salty/sweet combo trend always intrigues me, even more so when it’s coming from someone like Milka; a company that has proven to be one of the better mass-produced chocolate manufactures whose products are available here. I have reviewed and enjoyed a number of chocolates and cookies from Milka in the past. So knowing this is a Milka product made me think it would be a winner. And although it only comes in a big 200 gram bar, I was willing to “take the chance” and buy it, even though I would have preferred to try a small bar first, just to be sure I liked it before I get such a large amount.  

As soon as I tasted the first cube of this chocolate bar I was thrilled that I had such a big bar. I’m happy to say I was not disappointed; in fact I really enjoyed this Milka Choco & Popcorn Chocolate Bar very much. 

I understand why it comes in this big 200 gram size. It’s so chock full 'o popcorn, which takes up so much space, you need to have such a big bar to fit it all in:)

If you like other Milka milk-chocolate bars you will like the milk-chocolate in this bar just as much. I think it’s the same chocolate they use in most of their milk-chocolate bars, so let’s get on to the interesting part in this bar; the popcorn.

The popcorn itself was more like caramel popcorn. It had a slight coating that was mainly sweet with just a small little touch of salt. Really just enough to pick up on its taste. For the most part, I thought the main purpose of the salt was to make the chocolate and caramel coating that much sweeter. As we know a touch of salt helps bring out the sweetness in many dishes. That’s what I felt the salt did here. I know chocolate and caramel popcorn are sweet enough on their own and don’t need salt to make them sweeter, but somehow the added touch of salt helped add another layer of flavor and made it an interesting and enjoyable chocolate bar. In short it just seemed to work!

I also liked that the popcorn was soft but did have a drop of crunch from the caramel coating. Still, it wasn’t a hard contrast to the soft creamy milk chocolate bar. It added a nice texture without going too far. All the textures and flavors worked really well together and made for an interesting and unique treat.  

Bottom Line: I think Milka did a great job on this Choco & Popcorn Bar. Although it sounds like an odd combination everything about it seemed to work well together. The end result is a wonderfully unique, creamy chocolate bar with just a hint of salt and the perfect amount of crunchy texture. I will surely be buying this chocolate bar again.   

200 gram bar- 17 NIS (I got it on sale at Shufersal for 11 NIS)

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are mine

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  1. I like milka's regular choclates so when I saw this new one I took one. later I saw three other people take one, so either its very popular, or people are excited to taste this combination. The flavors were ok but its nothing like fresh popcorn, which is also the problem with the popcorn snack you featured. I know you cant get that taste. So it was ok, Im not sure Ill get it again over others. Im guessing they had to do 200g because of the popcorn size, and 100g would look more like a bar and not a tablet, and you wouldnt pay 7-8 if it looked like a bar.