Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lachmi's Premium Line of Cakes & Cookies

לחמי מאפי פרימיום
Lachmi, who was recently bought by Wissotzky, has a new line of cookies and cakes on the market; they are calling it their Premium Line. It includes many different classic cookies and cakes that they claim to have put a “modern touch” on. Their main goal for this line is to give us “bakery quality mass-produced baked goods”.

There were a number of different cookies and cakes for me to choose from at my local supermarket, but I decided to try what they are calling a Chocolate Fondant Cake.

When I saw it in the store, It looked to me like it would be a very chocolaty yeast-style cake, and that’s exactly the way I like my yeast cakes; very chocolaty. The cake part seemed to be chocolate flavored, so along with the rich looking chocolate filling you get even more chocolate flavor from the cake part itself.

As a whole I’m not a big fan of mass-produced baked goods, most baked goods from companies like Osem and Elite I absolutely dislike. At this point I don’t buy any Osem or Elite cakes anymore. Other companies, like Lachmi, have some good products; I really like one of their brownies. Yet in general I find that mass-produced baked goods pale in comparison to the taste of bakery made baked goods. If I’m going to eat all those calories it may as well be as delicious as possible. Then again, price and sometimes the convenience of picking up a dessert at the supermarket does come into play. I wanted to see if this new cake would be one that I can buy in a pinch or not worth it at all.

This Lachmi Fondant Cake wasn’t a totally fail but it wasn’t a complete winner either. For starters, when I tasted it right out of the box; not warmed up, the cake part was a little too dry in my opinion. But the strong raw/dry cocoa taste in the filling bothered me more than the dryness of the cake. Even not hot this cake wasn’t as bad as many Osem or Elite cakes, still it was drier than your average bakery cake.

Once I warmed it in the microwave, for a few minutes, the rich chocolate filling melted and it helped with both issues, the cake was less dry and the cocoa taste wasn’t as strong. Still as a whole it wasn’t as good as its bakery equivalent.

The package photo shows the cake to be topped with lots of sliced peanuts. I did get some peanuts, but very few of them. I didn’t mind that much because in my opinion the peanuts didn’t add a lot to the cake as a whole so it didn’t really matter one way or another. Yet it bothers me when packaging photos don’t properly represent the product you get inside.

Bottom Line: If you buy this Lachmi Fondant Cake I strongly suggest you warm it up before serving it. It’s not the best chocolate yeast cake I’ve tasted, I’ve bought better cakes for a similar price at the bakery, but it wasn’t a total fail once I warmed it up and the chocolate filling melted. If I really need a cake and I can’t get to the bakery I may buy this in a pinch but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

550 gram cake- 24.00 NIS

Kosher Dairy Rabbinate Nahariya 

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are mine.

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