Sunday, February 6, 2011

Angle's Bakery 100 Whole Wheat Light Bread

לחם 100 קל של אנג'ל
It always bothers me when breads are advertised as "whole wheat" but if you take a closer look at the ingredients you find that, yes there is whole wheat in the bread, but it's not 100% whole wheat. I was happy to see that Angel's new whole wheat light bread is 100% whole flour; 84% whole wheat flour and 16% whole rye flour to be exact.
I was pleasantly surprised how "heavy" a slice of bread it was, considering it is a light bread -52 calories per slice.  Most light breads seem very full of air. I do not find most light breads filling enough compared to a non light slice of bread. So even if I was counting calories I do not usually find it worthwhile to eat light bread. I feel I'm better off having fewer slices of a whole non light bread than more slices of what feels like air filled bread to me. Angle's 100 Whole Wheat Light Bread is different; it's defiantly denser and more filling than the average light bread but don’t get me wrong it's still a light bread and therefore not as heavy as a non light bread. They did write on the packaging that it is 750 grams for the loaf compared to the usual 500 grams for a light loaf.  In my opinion it is a happy medium- less calories yet defiantly a more satisfying slice of bread. I am not really sure how they do that. Maybe it’s the other things they added to the bread like soy flakes and soy flour but I do not know for sure what their secret is.
I like the touch of sunflower seeds and flax seeds mixed in. I do not feel they are over powering, for me it was just the prefect small amount of seeds per slice.
There is a down side: as I carefully read the ingredients, I noticed there are artificial fibers and preservatives added. Things like that scare me .I don’t know what they really are and what I am really eating. I would rather not see any artificial ingredients in the food I eat.
 It seemed too good to be true; I knew there had to be a catch!
Bottom line: I really liked that, although it's a light bread, it's filling and tasty. I also liked that it's 100% whole flours but, I can't forgive all the artificial add-ins, so sadly this will not be come my new favorite breads.
750 gram loaf - 11.90-14.90 NIS 
 Hechsher: Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me.  No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. My husband is no good at reading ingredients, and I can't read Hebrew, so I always tell him not to buy Angels because it has too many mystery numbers after it. But I really should learn what they mean, since I'm sure they're not all bad. It's weird to look at that bread while smelling my freshly baked mezonot whole wheat sourdough rolls cooling in the kitchen.

  2. Your right... they are not all bad but still I would take your "freshly baked mezonot whole wheat sourdough roll" over any bakery bought bread any day of the week!