Sunday, February 13, 2011

Strauss-Danone's Yogurt with Cranberry Granola

Strauss's latest additions to their Danone Natural Bio yogurt line are two granola topped options; one with cranberries the other with dates. The granola mix is in a separate little package sitting on top of the closed yogurt container. It's intended to be added in right before you eat so it will not go soggy.

I like Danone's Natural Bio yogurt in and of itself. I don’t find it too sweet or too sour, compared to the Muller Mix Creamy yogurt line, which I find to be a little too sour for my taste. I find Danone's consistency to be perfectly creamy and smooth.

Seeing as the yogurt is not what's new here let me get to the new granola flavor. I tasted the cranberry one. To be honest had it not said cranberry on the container I would not have known it was cranberry. Clearly it had dried fruit mixed in but the cranberry flavor was not there for me. I did find the granola mix tasty but not amazing. This is not their first granola add-in yogurt, so it didn’t really seem all that new to me.

There are 150 grams of 2.6% fat yogurt in the container and 17 grams of granola with dried cranberries/or dates sitting on top. I would have liked just a little more of the granola mix for that amount of yogurt but it was not a major issue.

According to the packaging this is 20% more yogurt then they have put in the containers for this line of yogurts until now. The container itself is larger than others yet when opened I found that there was close to an inch of empty space. Muller's line of Mix Creamy yogurts is also 150 grams and, for example, the almond topping add-in is 20 grams, yet their container is smaller and I had plenty of room to mix in the almonds and spoon out the yogurt. So I take points away from Danone for making a larger container yet not filling it all up, simply a waste and misleading.

I do have to give Danone credit for how easy it was to open both the foil cover of the topping and plastic cover of the container itself. They both peeled off smoothly without ripping. Whereas Muller's foil cover for both the topping and the container were very difficult to open. Once I finally got it going it ripped apart and was messy.

It seems the milk companies are constantly adding to their large collection of yogurts and puddings, trying to take the lead in the ongoing battle for more space in the supermarket refrigerator. Although Israel is blessed to be "flowing with milk and honey" at times I think these companies take that just a bit too far. Many of the yogurts and puddings end up being just a temporary guest on the shelf because they need to make room for yet another new creation. Being that there is limited space in the local market "somethings gotta go" and we end up losing a flavor we may have really enjoyed. Often the new flavors are so similar to something already on the shelf I don’t really think it was worth adding it, but, I understand the need to constantly keep the public interested so they don’t buy the competitors' item.

Bottom line: I like Strauss-Danone's Natural Bio yogurt but, next time I might just choose a different topping.

150 grams 2.6% Yogurt -5.20 NIS
Kosher Dairy Rabbinate Nahariah
מחיל אבקת חלב נוחרי

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. "Being that there is limited space in the local market... we end up losing a flavor we may have really enjoyed." I take full responsibility for this. It seems to be a little-known sub-heading of "Chok Murfee" (Murphy's Law) that if Ruti likes it, it's history. :-)

  2. Great review! Do you have any comments about the ingredients? I am a little crazy when it comes to preservatives and additives (including amount of sugar) so I always like to know what in it.

  3. HAHAHA... So sorry Ruti. If you think it would help I'll sign a petition to get your favorites back on the shelf ASAP!

  4. Hi "inoursmallgarden" Thank you for your kind words!

    regarding your question- I don't think it's a little crazy at all:) I like to know exactly what I'm eating as well. Thank you for asking.

    Regarding the Yogurt itself- it's made up of milk,milk proteins,fiber,calcium and probiotics - Nothing artificial and no sugar is mentioned.
    Regarding the cranberry granola topping 39% of it is whole oats- with the second ingredient being sugar. Ingredients are usually listed in order of the greatest amount to the least amount. Since the 3rd ingredient is 9.7% cranberries the sugar is somewhere in the middle. Sorry they do not write exactly how much sugar.
    The 14th and last ingredient is "flavor enhancers" but they do not detail which ones and how much.

    I hope this info helps.
    More questions are always welcome.