Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kapulsky Chocolate Chalvah Sandwich Cookies

A few weeks ago I noticed these cookies at the local Mega Bul. I had heard that the Kapulsky restaurant brand , the one that was very popular some 15 years ago all over Israel, had reopened a branch in the Galilee, with the hopes of expanding throughout the country within the next few years.  
Kapulsky holds a sweet memory for me.  A few days before they closed the last branch in Jerusalem, I had lunch there with a close friend, who was visiting Israel at the time. I honestly do not remember the food I eat; it was the company of my friend that makes the memory so special.  When I saw the name Kapulsky on the packages I had to try one for old time sake.
I had 3 flavors to choose from.
 1) Chocolate cookies with a chalva filling - handmade –no artificial food coloring- 18.99 NIS for approximately 12 cookies
 2) Vanilla cookies with nougat filling- handmade –no artificial food coloring- 18.99 NIS for approximately 12 cookies
3) Vanilla cookies with jam filling-handmade-18.99 NIS for approximately 12 cookies
I chose the chocolate cookies with chalva filling.
What a major disappointment they were to me. Firstly the cookies were very crumbly as soon as I picked one up it broke in my hand, I don’t like when that happens. The most disappointing part for me was that the cookie was very grainy; it felt like I was eating sand. The cookie tasted mass-produced ,so I was shocked to read on the packaging that they are handmade. That definitely was not felt in the final product.
As far as the filling, the chalva flavor was almost nonexistent, as if it was just an afterthought.
עוגיות קפולסקי

 I know it's not fair to judge a whole chain of restaurants based on one really bad cookie but, I am now skeptical as to whether we will see Kapulsky branches popping up throughout the country anytime soon.  
Bottom Line: I do not recommend this cookie regardless of how nostalgic you may be for the Kapulsky name.
Kosher -Badatz
Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me.  No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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