Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wissotzky's "Exotic Love Leaves" Tea

I was curious to taste Wissotzky "Exotic Love Leaves" tea, a limited edition tea from their Leaves Collection.
In the box there is a silver bag that had 16 pretty, triangle, satin-like/mesh tea-bags in it.
When I opened the package, the first thing that hit me was the amazing aroma! It was more like a potpourri then a tea. It has a wonderful rose and fruit scent. I would be happy for my closets to smell like this tea, but I think it's a little too expensive to be used as potpourri.
The box says "for best results leave in water for only 2 minutes" possibly because of the large size of the tea-bag or, maybe because of the mesh cloth it's made of, the boiling water turned into tea really fast, seemingly quicker than other tea-bags. I didn't need to leave the tea in the water for the full 2 minutes to get the medium strength tea I prefer.

The tea is made of all natural ingredients; blended Indian, Ceylon & Indonesian black tea, rosebuds, candied pineapple bits, Citrus peels, candied papaya bits, mullein flowers; coconut & piña-colada flavors.
I know a major part of taste is the sense of smell, with this tea the aroma was stronger than the taste, so much so, that I actually found it interfering. It took me some time to notice the piña-colada and other fruits, because the rose seemed to be dominating .

Overall it's a slightly sweeter tea. I did like it ,to some degree, but I enjoyed the aroma more than the taste.

Bottom Line: It’s a nice way to end a romantic meal, even if I don’t drink it, I may brew some up just to have the aroma fill the room as we eat dessert.
Kosher Parve- Rabbinate Lower Galilee
16 tea bags 2.5 grams each - 25.99 NIS
Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. What a fabulous idea for a blog, love the whole idea of it!! Your teas are incredibly like mine, when you describe them as potpourri like, that is my impression too!Mine are manufactured by Madame Flavour, they are extremely spicy - flavour is sultry chai, I have been trying different ones for morning teas etc. I think with these the aesthetics and aroma are certainly more appealing than the taste!

  2. Thank you Simone for your kind words about my blog idea:)

    So cool how blogs make the world even smaller and we can "get to meet each other" over a tea :)

    "I think with these the aesthetics and aroma are certainly more appealing than the taste!"
    I think you are very right about that.
    Enjoy all your tea experimenting.