Monday, February 21, 2011

Tnuva's Cottage Cheese Snack-Pack with Strawberries or Honey

After decades of major success with their cottage cheese Tnuva has decided to try something completely new with this product. They have worked for over a year to develop a line of snack-size flavored cottage cheeses.

There are 4 flavors available, 2 sweet options; cottage with honey and cottage with strawberries, in the savory category; cottage with olive tapenade, and finally the classic Tnuva cottage cheese.
Granted I have seen sweet/fruit toppings added to cottage cheese in the USA for years now but, this is new for Tnuva and the Israeli market.
Of the different ones available, Tnuva's is the cottage cheese I prefer so I was very interested to taste the new snack.
For me it was the perfect size snack. They come as a twin set of containers. Each individual container is 125 grams, which is half of their full size cottage and just a little bit bigger than their mini one which is 100 grams.
I tasted the strawberry and honey options.
When I opened it up I didn’t see any strawberries or honey but as soon as I put my spoon into the container I found an abundance of the add-in hiding at the bottom.
I was very disappointed with both flavors. They tasted extremely artificial and overly sweet to me.
I had envisioned bits of cut up strawberries and instead got something between a jam and syrup made mainly of artificial strawberry flavor. There were a few mini fruit bits mixed in to make it seem like I was eating fruit but the taste was overwhelmingly artificial.
The honey one was ever so slightly better but still did not taste like fresh natural honey. It was more of a sweet artificial syrup. It was edible but I did not particularly like it.
Bottom Line: I like the concept, but the product itself was too artificial for me.

Seeing as Israel is (as I mentioned in the past) "the land of milk and honey", as well being blessed with a wide variety of delicious fresh fruit, if you want a sweet cottage snack, my suggestion would be to buy the classic flavor cottage (snack-size) and add your own real honey or whatever fresh cut fruit you fancy.  
2 containers 125 gram each, classic cottage cheese – 6.97 NIS
2 containers 125 gram each, sweet or savory additions -7.49 NIS

Kosher: Tnuva's Mehadrin Committee

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me.  No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Yup, that's what I do - plain old ordinary cottage cheese with a spoonful of honey and some cut up fruit. Delicious.

    Sorry to hear the premade ones weren't all that.

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  2. Robin, You had the right idea to start with, there's nothing like the real thing :)!