Thursday, February 10, 2011

Elite Must's Sugar-Free Cube Gum

Elite Must has come out with a new cube shaped gum. This sugar free spearmint gum has a soft powdery feel when you first bite into it. Similar to a stick of gum, as opposed to a harder candy coated gum. I actually prefer the softer texture but, I didn’t realize that until I did a comparison with Orbit's Aqua gum and I noticed the difference.

The Must cube gum seemed a little larger than your
average piece of gum, but after carefully checking, I found they are 2 grams per dice, the same size as the Orbit Aqua and ever so slightly smaller than the 2.2 gram Trident Splash gum.

Elite claims the Must Cube gum has a longer lasting cooling flavor, but, I found it to be just as long lasting as Orbit Aqua and Trident Splash, so, they do not get extra points for that.  As far as the "cooling" affect that too did not come across to me in this gum. If you really want a gum that will give you a cooling effect, as well as open up your airways, you're better off with Wrigley's Airwaves gum. For the first few moments the Airwaves gum definitely does a better job than many throat lozenges I've tried.
The price surprised me 5.20 NIS for 10 squares, compared to Orbit Aqua 3.52 NIS for 9 pieces. I do not see any justification for the Must Cube to be more expensive than the Orbit Aqua.
The commercial running on TV (and online) somehow reminded me of a scene out of a modern day Frankenstein movie. Although that is far from my favorite genre of movies, the clip might be the most exciting part of this new gum.

Bottom Line- I think it's just a gimmick: a new way to sell the same old gum. There is nothing bad about it but, it's not worth the 5.20 NIS they are charging for it.

Here is a link to the clip of the ad, for those of you who enjoy The Frankenstein movies and want to check it out :)
Pack of 10 cubes - 5.20 NIS
Kosher: OU

Update: Winner of 2012 Product of the Year Award Israel 

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me.  No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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