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Aroma's Pesach Sandwich

כריך ארומה לפסח
Friday, Erev Pesach, was one of those days that my list of things to take care of outside the house was extremely long. Even though I got an early start at some point in the afternoon, when I was still out running around, I realized I had not put anything in my mouth all day. I was very hungry and needed to eat something if I wanted the energy to continue getting things done. Since I had just cleaned out my bag for Pesach I had removed all the protein bars I normally keep in there for just such an occasion. The closest and quickest option was to grab a sandwich from a Kosher for Pesach Aroma counter near me.

A quick look at the Pesach menu taught me that most of their regular sandwiches, if not all of them, were available and being sold on a special Kosher for Pesach roll. This is not the first year some Aroma cafés are open for Pesach and have Kosher for Pesach rolls but I had not tasted their Pesach rolls in past years so they were new to me.

At first glance of the roll, they had one on display so the customers know what they are getting; the roll looked very much like the Pillsbury roll I reviewed here last year. The difference was Aroma’s looked slightly longer and maybe a drop less wide but I didn’t measure it so I can’t give you exact dimensions. Still that’s what I was anticipating it to taste like.

I opted for the cream cheese and smoked salmon sandwich. Along with the cheese spread and salmon they add lettuce and onion; I asked them to “hold the onion”.

The sandwich was exactly what I expected it to be. Not only did the roll look like the Pillsbury one but I thought it tasted very much like what I remembered the Pillsbury one to taste like. I wanted to check and see if maybe on their website it says who makes  their Kosher for Pesach rolls but it seems that Aroma’s webpage is under construction so I could not get any information from there, sorry.

(Update: now that I re-tasted the Pillsbury roll I do not think it’s the same as the Aroma one. I actually prefer the Pillsbury one. I think it has more of a “mashed potato” flavor that the Aroma one did not have. I actually think the slight mashed potato taste adds something to the Pillsbury roll that the Aroma one was missing; now I know the Aroma one was too “bland”.)

Given what it was, a Kosher for Pesach roll, I enjoyed the sandwich enough. Granted I was very hungry and did not have time to leisurely eat my meal and spend too much time thinking about the tastes and flavors. That having been said, it was by no means awful and it was edible. I wouldn’t say I’d want this roll all year long, that’s not the case; I much prefer real bread or rolls :) but for a Kosher for Pesach sandwich it was ok and it gave me the energy I needed to continue my errands.

I did see a young boy, who I would guess was about 11 years old, he was there with his mother. He got an omelet sandwich. He really was not impressed with the taste of the roll. He “did his mother a favor” and eat half the sandwich but he did not enjoy it at all. So I don’t know if your kids will be willing to eat these sandwiches. Then again as the week goes by and they’ve gotten their fill of matzo they may be open to trying something new, I don’t know?:)

Bottom Line: Aroma’s Kosher for Pesach sandwich was ok. I guess I’d say it was a little better than mediocre. It fed my hunger so it suited my needs at that moment in time but I can’t say it’s something I’d choose to eat if it wasn’t Pesach.

1 smoked salmon sandwich (takeaway) 28NIS
For the size of the roll I think that's steep but given that they had to close for a few days to Kosher the café for Pesach I’m not surprised they hiked up the prices, par for the course I guess.

Kosher for Pesach – Kitniyot 

 Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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