Monday, April 23, 2012

Pepperidge Farm’s Captiva Brownie & Nantucket Dark-Chocolate Cookies

עוגיות שוקולד צ'יפס בטעם שוקולד מריר פפרידג' פארם
Two of Pepperidge Farm’s cookies that have been on the market in other parts of the world for a few years are now also available here in Israel. The two cookies in question are;
Pepperidge Farm’s Captiva Soft Baked Dark-Chocolate Brownie Cookies and Pepperidge Farm’s Double Chocolate Nantucket Dark-Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Since they are not “new to the world” there are already English language reviews for them on line, aside from which, many of you may have tasted them by now, so I won’t write a full review for either of them, just a quick post (and Bottom Line) to tell you they are now also available here in Israel.

Being the dark-chocoholic that I am I couldn’t resist trying them both.
My Bottom Line is…
I kind of surprised myself, I was sure I’d like the soft brownie ones better, because a) I love brownies and b) I usually prefer softer cookies to crispy or crunchy ones, but in this case, I liked the Double Chocolate Nantucket Dark-Chocolate Chunk Cookies better.

They had lots of the dark-chocolate chunks in them and they seemed bigger than the chocolate pieces the brownies had, even though I'm not sure they really were. Although the brownie cookie was a chocolate cookie to start with, and the Nantucket cookie isn’t, the big chunks in the Nantucket cookie gave it a much richer and more dark-chocolaty flavor. 

That, along with the fact that I didn’t really care for the brownie cookie part itself, it just didn’t taste like a good brownie to me, it tasted way too “mass-produced” for my liking. If I had to choose which of the two cookies I preferred I’d go for the Double Chocolate Nantucket Dark-Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

Still don’t know if I’ll buy them ever again, partly because I’m not sure they’re worth the price but mainly because if I’m going to eat a high calorie chocolate chip cookie I’d rather a freshly baked one, preferably homemade. That’s just my personal preference it’s not to say that these Double Chocolate Nantucket Dark-Chocolate Chunk Cookies don’t live up to the Pepperidge Farm’s name, in my opinion they do.

These Pepperidge Farm’s cookies are available at Sufersal, Yellow, Menta, Tiv Tam and Co-op Israel stores.  

220-224 gram bag 15.99NIS

Kosher OU Dairy

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. really good to see pepperidge farm cookies in israel they are my favorite brand ,except when i lived in israel in the 80's there was a giant box of cookies that looked like fingers filled with apricot or strawberry filling do you know the brand-i know it is still there!

    1. Yeah I agree it's cool that Pepperidge Farm cookies are easily available here now too:) Still I am guessing they are way less expensive in the USA.

      If I'm not mistaken I think you may be talking about Osem's "jam" filled cookies. These days they come with other fillings too like chocolate etc..

      Is this the cookie you were referring to?