Tuesday, April 10, 2012

McDonald’s Kosher for Pesach Bun

לחמניה מקדונלדס כשר לפסח
After I told you about Aroma’s Pesach Sandwich yesterday I wasn’t planning on posting any more this week but when I ended up at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station yesterday I got to taste McDonald’s Kosher for Pesach Bun. I debated writing a review about it because I don’t know how many of the McDonald’s around the country are kosher, of the kosher ones I don’t know how many are open for Pesach selling a Kosher for Pesach roll. Not only that, it could be each branch has its own Kosher for Pesach roll so the bun you find in the branch near you may taste different to what they had at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station branch. Then I figured I may as well just write a quick post in case there are enough people it would interest. So here goes.

The sandwich in question was McDonald’s Crispy Chicken; it was basically a matzo meal coated schnitzel with lettuce, tomatoes and ketchup on their kosher for Pesach bun.

I think the bun was slightly smaller than the buns they sell all year round but I don’t often buy from McDonald’s so I can’t really compare it size wise. 

The white bun was clearly made with potato starch. Not only did it have the potato starch taste, that I so dislike, but it even had a layer of potato starch “flour” residue on the bottom that added a gritty/chalky texture that really bothered me.

Oddly enough that was not the real problem with McDonald’s Kosher for Pesach bun. The thing that really bothered me was how absolutely rubbery and sponge-like it was. I really had a hard time chewing it; it was so “gummy-like”. I felt like I was eating a sponge, a rubbery bland sponge that had some potato starch crumbs on the bottom. Yes that is the best way to describe what it felt/tasted like. A few bites in and I had enough of eating a sponge, I decided to do away with the roll and just eat the schnitzel, vegetables and fries I got with my “meal”.

Bottom Line: I didn’t like the McDonald’s Kosher for Pesach bun that is being sold at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station Kosher McDonald’s branch. It was tasteless! It felt like I was eating a slightly rubbery sponge. If the McDonald near you is Kosher for Pesach I say skip the roll and get the nuggets/matzo meal coated schnitzel or something like that. Because the “crispy chicken” part was tasty enough and the fries were perfectly enjoyable as well. I think they are the exact same fries they sell year round so if you usually like their fries you are likely to enjoy the Pesach ones as well.

1 Crispy Chicken Meal 44.90NIS
Way more than I’d say it’s worth, I think that’s like 10NIS more than the meal costs the rest of the year but since I rarely buy anything at McDonalds I’m not 100% sure of their regular prices.

I do not think the buns are kitniyot but I don’t know for sure I will try to find out and add that info as soon as I know.
Update: I found out that the buns at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station branch are NOT KITNIYOT - nothing at that branch is Kitniyot.

 Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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