Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kapulsky's Pesach Chocolate Mousse Cake

קפולסקי עוגת מוס שוקולד לפסח
Given that I didn’t enjoy the Kapulsky cookies or cakes I have reviewed in the past I didn’t want to spend money on their Kosher for Pesach Mousse Cake only to find out that I did not enjoy eating it /serving it to friends and family. Therefore I wasn’t going to review this product at all but when I was at Mega Bul the other day I bumped into a close friend’s husband at the checkout counter and he was holding the Kapulsky Chocolate Mousse Cake. I warned him of my past experiences with this brand and told him he may want to pick something else. He said he needed a Kosher for Pesach non-dairy cake for a party they were having Saturday night, this was the only cake they had that fit the bill so he decided to “take his chances” but he appreciated the fair warning.

When my friend called me after the party the first thing she said was “Gosh, that cake you warned my husband about was kinda awful”. I asked for details so that I can give you her review, here is what she told me.

She said it was a double fail! Firstly it was clearly parve and therefore had all the pitfalls of a non-dairy mousse cake, in other words she thought the mousse part tasted like margarine which surprised her because she didn’t see margarine listed in the ingredients and the label said it had no trans fats.

Secondly it did not pass her “potato starch test”. That she said “was the lesser of the two evils because it only had a thin layer cake at the bottom so there wasn’t that much potato starchy cake in the mix”. The majority of the “cake” was a thick layer of chocolate mousse topped with a generous layer of chocolate icing.

I asked about the icing and she told me “that was no home-run either.” She found it to be grainy and chalky but she said “it wasn’t as awful as the rest of the mousse cake”.

She also told me that this Kosher for Passover Kapulsky Mousse Cake was very difficult to cut. All the layers feel apart as she tried to get the cake onto the plate to serve it. She was disappointed that it wasn’t pretty and it looked messy.

When I asked if the kids liked it she said “they seemed to enjoy it way more than the adults but no one asked for seconds, then again it was at the end of a full day of partying so that’s not a real indication”.

Her Bottom Line was that she did not enjoy this Kapulsky Kosher for Pesach Chocolate Mousse Cake. Not only did it have a definite Parve/margarine taste but since its Kosher for Pesach it also had a potato starch taste that she didn’t like. The fails didn’t end there; she found the mouse and chocolate icing to be grainy and chalky. So all in all this is not a cake she would recommend to anyone who likes Chocolate Mousse Cakes and she would defiantly not try the other flavor Kapulsky has available; Vanilla Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Mousse Cake.

These Kapulsky cakes are handmade, have no trans fats and no artificial flavors.

Being that I didn’t buy the cake I could not photograph it for this blog. I only have the photo I found from the official press release. Sorry about that.

The Mousse cake is available in 2 sizes
850 gram round cake 52.00 NIS
450 gram rectangle 32.30 NIS

Kosher Parve Mehadrin
  כשר פרווה מהדרין כשר לפסח וללא חשש לקטניות

Disclaimer: The cake was purchased by my friend. No one is paying me or her for this review.


  1. Thanks so much for this review! We were considering getting this cake for my father's birthday that falls on Pesach, but we'll be avoiding it now. I guess it's back to the kitchen for us!

    1. Thanks for your comment :)
      Happy Birthday to your father.
      Glad my post was a help (of sorts:) I know making your own cake for the birthday will be more work but I'm sure it will be way more tasty and enjoyable:)