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Must's Ice Pop Flavored Sugar Free Gum

סדרת מסטיקים בטעמי קרטיבים
In my post about Menots’s 3D Gum the other day I mentioned that I also have a line of Must Gum to tell you about, this post was meant to go up last week but for one reason or another it had to get pushed off until today, sorry about that but here it is now so let's go... 

Just in time for summer Must released a line of sugar free gums based on popular ice pop flavors; Lemon, Pineapple and “Traffic Light”; the red, yellow and green ice pop that many kids enjoy on a hot summers day.

“Traffic Light” Ice Pop flavored Sugar Free Gum
Since I don't especially like sweet flavored gums I had a friend who does enjoy such gums try the Traffic Light Ice Pop Gum for me.

We both thought it was creative that Must’s Traffic Light Ice Pop Flavored Gum was red on the outside and a yellowish green on the inside. We thought it was fun that they tried to incorporate all the colors of the actual traffic light ice pop in this gum.

Given that Must was not specific in naming the three flavors in the Traffic Light ice pop flavored gum and since my friend and I have not had a traffic light ice pop in many years we were not sure exactly what red, yellow and green flavors they were going for but when she tasted the gum the first flavor she picked up on was sweet cherry followed by sweet lemon, both of which made perfect sense to us. After chewing the gum for a few seconds she said she thought she tasted a hint of mint but she wasn’t 100% sure, maybe the mint was meant to represent the green? Then again I do not think the green in a traffic light ice pop is mint flavored but really I have no idea what, if anything, the green in the ice pop is flavored with.

Bottom Line: My friend enjoyed the Must Traffic Light Ice Pop Flavored Sugar Free Gum. She said it was not overly sweet for her but it was sweet enough. She liked how the initial cherry flavor gave way to a sweet lemon flavor with a hint of mint. With two pieces of gum she said the flavor did not last more than about 7 minutes. When I asked if she thought she may buy this gum in the future, she answered, if it was on sale and she was in the mood for a sweet gum she may pick it up from time to time but it’s not going to become her “go to” choice of gum.    

Lemon Ice Pop Flavor Sugar Free Gum

When I first popped a piece of the lemon ices flavored gum in my mouth I absolutely tasted that artificial lemon flavor you have in most lemon ice pops. As we all know store bought lemon ices taste different than real lemons or fresh squeezed lemon juice. I think Must managed to get the lemon ice pop flavor they were looking for. I personally always hope for a more tart lemon taste but this gum was on the sweeter side and much less on the sour/tart side. Since sweeter lemon flavor is what I think most people think of and prefer when they pick up a lemon ice pop I’m not surprised that Must went for a sweeter lemon and not the tart lemon flavor.

With just one piece of gum in my mouth after about 5 minutes almost all the flavor was gone and the gum was heading toward the point that it was too hard to really chew. The exact opposite of the issue I had with the Mentos 3D gum; where that gum got way to soft and sticky as I chewed it, this Must Lemon Ices Flavored Gum got too difficult to chew too quickly, that was not enjoyable either. I kind of feel like Goldilocks; looking for the perfect texture :) but neither of these gums win in that category.

Bottom Line: I didn’t think this Must Lemon Ices Flavored Sugar Free Gum was awful but it wasn’t a real winner for me either. If you like sweet lemon ice pop flavor with the tiniest drop of tartness to it, this may be the gum for you. Just take into account that it is by no means a long lasting gum and it may become difficult to chew after about 5-7 minutes. 

28 gram box 4.40NIS
Kosher Parve OU
 Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

Kosher Parve OU

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