Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Elite's Shushim Vanilla + Coupon

עלית שושים וניל
In September of 2011 I told you about Elite's Shushim Chocolate filled snack, well now they have added a new flavor to this line of “filled” Shushim. This time its vanilla flavored.

Shush is Elite's version of Osem's Bamba snack. In case you don’t know what Bamba is, it's a peanut butter flavored puffed corn snack. I think it's the most popular kids snack here in Israel. So it’s not surprising that both Osem and Elite (as well as other smaller companies) are always trying to come up with another item to add to this category of snacks. 

I absolutely tasted the rich vanilla flavor in the filling. I think the vanilla and peanut butter flavors in this snack work well together. I can’t say that I think this is a snack most kids would enjoy. I kind of think the vanilla in this filling is a flavor that may be more appreciated by the adults and not the kids, who I think this snack is intended for. But I may be wrong and if your kids like richer vanilla flavor better than chocolate flavor they may enjoy this snack just as much as adults who like vanilla and grew up on Bamba/Shusim.

I still think that Bamba has a better consistency and taste than the Shush line of snacks. I found the puffed corn part of the snack to be a little too hard and the peanut butter a bit too oily. I don’t remember having that same issue with Bamba but I am not a huge Bamba or Shush eater.

I don’t think Osem has a vanilla flavored Bamba. I think they have nougat and chalva flavored one. So although this is not an amazing product I do think this vanilla flavored Shushim snack should have a comfortable place in the local market.

Bottom Line: It was kind of “what you see is what you get” with this product. If you like Shushim and you enjoy vanilla flavor this Shushim Vanilla snack should be right up your alley.

Update: I found a 1+1 coupon 
on line for these
 Vanilla or the Chocolate filled Shushim 

 It can be used at any of the major supermarkets
 excluding Mega Bul, Shefa Shuk, AM:PM and Yesh.
It expires 30-7-12

60 gram bag – 3.49NIS

Kosher Parve Badatz

 Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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