Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skinny Cow Vanilla Cappuccino Ice Cream Sandwich + Coupon

גלידת קפוצ'ינו "סקיני קאו" נסטלה
Last July I told you about the Skinny Cow Ice Creams and how much I enjoyed their Cookies & Cream Sandwich. Since then I have bought those ice cream sandwiches quite a few times and still really like them. I wasn’t as crazy about the other Skinny Cow ice creams available here in Israel, not because they aren’t good, but they are less the flavors I naturally go for, so I just stick with the one I like best. Recently they added two sandwiches to the line that’s available here in Israel; Vanilla Cappuccino Swirl and Vanilla Blackberry Swirl. Although I am not a coffee drinker I do enjoy a slight coffee flavor in ice cream whereas I don’t really care for fruit flavored ice creams so I chose to try the Vanilla Cappuccino Ice Cream Sandwich. 

The other week I saw this coupon on Kosher Frugal Menus blog

Although the photo was of the new Vanilla Cappuccino Ice Cream Sandwich and it clearly said Vanilla Cappuccino under the photo, the bar-code numbers seemed to be those of the ice cream pops and not the new sandwiches. The head cashier at the supermarket I was at said that since it made it look as though it was for the new sandwiches she would accept the coupon and take 5NIS off the Vanilla Cappuccino Ice Cream Sandwich that I wanted to buy. I was pleasantly surprised and glad she was being so nice, so I got 5NIS off the ice cream sandwiches and was excited to try them.

The consistency of the cookie was just as wonderful as the one on the Cookies & Cream Sandwich but this was a vanilla flavored cookie and not a chocolate one, I personally like chocolate cookies better but this was fine too. 

The ice cream was perfectly creamy. Just like the other ice creams from Skinny Cow. It's a lot richer than you would expect from a low fat & lower calorie ice cream sandwich.

I thought the amount of cappuccino flavor was just right, not too much and not too little for someone like me, who enjoys coffee flavor but it’s not my all time favorite ice cream flavor.

Bottom line: I think Skinny Cow did a great job on this product. I’d say this Vanilla Cappuccino Ice Cream Sandwich lived up to what I've come to expect from Skinny Cow; they did not let me down. It’s a creamy rich ice cream with a nice touch of cappuccino flavor, sandwiched between 2 soft and tasty vanilla cookies that work perfectly well together with the ice cream. Most importantly it doesn't in any way make you feel like you’re eating a low calorie treat.

Oddly I didn’t find any information about this Vanilla Cappuccino Ice Cream Sandwich on the main Skinny Cow website. Maybe it’s a local addition and only available here in Israel, I wonder? I did however see that in other parts of the world they have a mint ice cream sandwich and a chocolate peanut butter ice cream sandwich, both of which I would love to try. I would also be thrilled if they brought their candies over to Israel as well. My friend recently sent me a few packs of the Skinny Cow clusters and wafers WOW! They were so yum!! I absolutely loved the dark chocolate coated clusters and the milk chocolate wafer. It would be amazing to have them available here too. Here’s hoping.     

Each 66 gram ice cream sandwich has 2.4 grams fat, 135 calories and is enriched with vitamin D

Update: From 3-6-12 until 16-6-12 
If you have a "You Mega card"
 there is a coupon in the Mega store pamphlet
 (or you can get them via Mega Sales webpage
for Skinny Cow Ice Creams.
 With the coupon you can buy a box for 22.99NIS 
I think the coupon is good for any of the Skinny Cow packs including this New Vanilla Cappuccino Ice Cream Sandwich

Another Update:
There is yet another 
5NIS off Coupon for
 Skinny Cow Ice Creams
Here it is

It expires 15-8-12

Seems like Skinny Cow will be adding a
 Vanilla Ice Cream Cone to the line sometime soon
I look forward to trying that when it hits our stores
Box of 6 – 26.00 NIS

Kosher Dairy Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. what supermarkets are they available in? I didnt see them on the shelf? are they a brand just for mega or supersal?

    1. I have seen them in every supermarket I have looked in, including; Mega,Shufersal,Co-op and Rami Levy.
      They are made by Nestle and they are not a brand just for a specific supermarket.
      I have also seen them sold individually in Nestle ice cream displays in many kiosks and connivance stores.
      Hope you find them and enjoy them.