Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yotvata Cold Latte Zero Coffee + Coupon

יטבתה לאטה זירו
Last August I told you about Yotvata's Cold Coffees now they have added a Sugar Free Latte to this line of coffee. They are calling it Latte Zero. My friend who enjoys coffee very much and actually helped me review Illy's Cans of Cold Cappuccino& Latte Macchiato coffees last June was coming over for a visit, I know that she much prefers her coffee, hot or cold, without sweetener of any kind so I thought she would be the perfect person to try this new Yotvata Cold Latte Zero and give me her review for this post.

The bottle says “Coffee beverage made with no added sugar or sweeteners, with milk, ultra-pasteurized, high caffeine content, low lactose.” It also has an “added vitamin D” symbol on the bottle. I found it interesting that they make this coffee with low lactose milk even though all the low lactose milks sold here are way more expensive than the regular bottles of milk on our store shelves. I think it’s nice that this is also suitable for people who need low lactose options.

Although when she opened the plastic bottle a nice strong coffee aroma hit us, when she actually took her first sip of the cold coffee she didn’t think it was all that strong of a coffee. She said it’s not a weak coffee and the bottle says ”high caffeine content” but it wasn’t as strong as she would make her coffee, and from what she remembered, it was somewhat weaker than the Illy coffee I mentioned earlier. Still she thought it was tasty refreshing and enjoyable.

My friend really liked that there was no sugar added to this Latte Zero. She did not think it was bitter or needed sugar but then again she doesn’t enjoy sweetened coffee so it didn’t surprise me that she said that.

She thought the 250 ml was the perfect amount and although I had poured it into a glass for her she was happy it came in a plastic container and not a tin can like the Illy and other ones comes in. We both don’t enjoy any drinks that are sold in tin cans, for that matter, we think it somehow affects the taste of the drink.

As with the other coffees in this line, the bottle also says "It's not advisable for pregnant women and children under 12” but this time they added in parentheses “Due to high amounts of caffeine”. So thank you Safranit you were right, Safranit was kind enough to leave that answer in the comment section on the post about the original cold coffees from Yotvata.

Now if you want to read about the Elite White-Chocolate Coated Tea Biscuits we tasted with this coffee you will have to check back here next week when I publish that post :)

Bottom Line: My friend enjoyed Yotvata’s Cold Latte Zero Coffee more than she liked the Illy's Cans of Cold Coffee she tasted last year. She was happy there was not added sugar in this Latte Zero. If she was in need of an “on the go coffee” and didn’t have the option of getting a fresh cold (or hot) coffee she would choose this Yotvata Cold Latte Zero Coffee over other cold coffees she’s tried, even though this Latte Zero is not as strong as the cold coffees she makes for herself.

If you "like" this page on Facebook you can get a coupon from Yotvata/Strauss Group for a free Yotvata Cold Coffee from this line of cold coffees. 

If you don't want to "like" the Facebook page here's a 20% off coupon I found.

It can be used at major supermarkets excluding Zol B'Shefa, Yesh and AM:PM
It expires 13-7-12. 

250 ml bottle – 5.99NIS

Kosher Dairy Cholov Yisrael 

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me or my friend for this review. All opinions are mine or my friends.

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