Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Osem’s Perfecto Sweet Potato Sauce “Freezer to Pot”

אסם רוטב בטטה לפסטה מהמקפיא לסיר
When I tasted the Osem “Freezer to Pot” Kid’s Tomato Sauce for Pasta, a few months ago, I was planning on writing a review about it then but for one reason or another that didn’t happen. After a few weeks, when I noticed that I had never blogged about it, I decided that the Kid’s Pasta Tomato Sauce wasn’t all that amazingly different than warming up the ready-made pasta sauces you can buy in say glass jars at the supermarket. Those don’t require the extra time and effort that the “freezer to pot” ones do. So in retrospect I thought it wasn’t worth posting the review a few weeks late. I came to the conclusion that if I ever try one of the other flavors, that aren’t as readily available in the supermarkets, then I may write a review at that point about the product as a whole. Well, that day has come :) Osem added a Sweet Potato Pasta Sauce to this line of “freezer to pot” pasta sauces. I thought it sounded interesting and unique so I wanted to try it and this time I will blog about it, here goes.

For this Sweet Potato sauce, along with the frozen mixture you need to add some milk and heavy cream and bring it all to a boil before pouring it over your cooked pasta. As with the Kid’s Tomato Sauce mixture the amount of liquid the package said to add for one section of the frozen sauce was way too much liquid; it made the end result too thin. I needed to add one or two more sections of the frozen mixture to get a better consistency. My suggestion is do not trust the amounts that Osem printed on the wrapper. Either use less liquid to start with or add more of the frozen mixture as you go until you get the thickness you like.

I was quite disappointed with the taste of the Sweet Potato Pasta Sauce. My first reaction was “oh that’s an odd flavor” but since that’s not a review that will help you all that much I’ll try and elaborate. I thought it had a very sour flavor that I didn’t enjoy. I can’t pin point all the spices and flavors the sauce had in it but the combination didn’t work for me. I had hoped I would pick up on a richer sweet potato flavor but that was just not there for me. I anticipated the sauce to have a more homemade or restaurant quality and taste to it but no, it tasted very commercial and not homemade at all. I don't plan on ever buying it again.

Bottom Line: I liked the idea of Osem’s “Freezer to Pot” Sweet Potato Pasta Sauce but I didn’t enjoy the taste of the final product. I thought it was too sour and didn’t have the rich sweet potato flavor I was expecting. I didn’t think it was worth the little extra effort it took to make this sauce. Next time I really want a sweet potato pasta sauce either I will have to go to a restaurant that serves it or make something from scratch at home because this Osem version was not enjoyable to me.

500 grams - 5 frozen sections of mix- it said 16.99NIS but rang up as 14.99NIS
חתם סופר בני ברק

 Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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