Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tzuriel Farm’s Goats-Milk Cheese Cake Flavored Yogurt

משק צוריאל יוגורט עיזים עוגת גבינה
The other day when I was at the supermarket picking up Tzuriel Farm’s 9% Goats-Milk Cheese Roll that won a Product Of The Year Award, I notices that Tzuriel Farm’s had a special Goats-Milk Cheese Cake Flavored Yogurt for Shavuot. Last June I told you about Tnuva’s Yoplait Cheesecake Flavored Yogurt so I was curious to try Tzuriel Farm’s Goats-Milk version this year.

I was a little disappointed when I opened it up and realized that the photo on the container, which made it looked like it had crumbs on top and bottom of the yogurt, was misleading. In fact there were no cake or cookie crumbs in this yogurt at all. It was a smooth yogurt with no “add-ins”. I wish they would have used a different photo as to not mislead me. But I was still interested in tasting the yogurt. I could always add something like crumbs or granola on my own, if I really want to.

With my first spoonful I absolutely picked up on the cheese cake “flavor”. This yogurt certainly resembled its “name sake”. Even if it did not say it was cheese cake flavored I think I would have picked up on that straightaway.

This Tzuriel Farm’s Goats-Milk Cheese Cake Flavored Yogurt was rich and creamy. I would have thought it had more than just 2.7% fat in it, so that was nice. But what I didn’t like was how sweet this yogurt was. I don’t particularly care for sugar sweet yogurts and this yogurt clearly had a lot of sugar in it, actually it’s the second ingredient after goats-milk, so its overall sweetness should not have surprised me.

Tzuriel Farm’s Goats-Milk Cheese Cake Flavored Yogurt has 166 calories for a 150 gram container, it has no preservatives and is rich in dietary fibers.  

Bottom Line: I think Tzuriel Farm’s managed to really capture the cheese cake flavor they were going for in this limited edition goats-milk yogurt. This 2.7% fat goats-milk yogurt was smooth, rich and creamy but it was too sweet for my taste. I personally would have preferred less sugar and some cookie crumbs (like the photo on the container implied) but if you enjoy sweet yogurts and like the taste of cheese cake this could be a great yogurt option for you to enjoy this Shavuot.

150 gram container –5.85NIS

Kosher Dairy Badatz

 Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Im a big cheesecake fan, and a big goats milk yoghurt fan, but why together?
    I try to buy Harduf's organic goat milk yoghurt, not cheap and not always on the shelf. I think most people have a misconception that goats milk is strong and overpowering taste. I didnt like it and over time it was a developed taste and now we even prefer goat over the regular cow milk products.

    1. I also much prefer goats-milk products to cow-milk products not sure where the misconception came from but I think for most people if they didn't know what kind of milk it was made of they would taste goat-milk things and enjoy them more or just as much as cows-milk items

      I don't think I have ever tried Harduf's items I will look out for them- thanks:)

    2. One of my favorites from "Hamachlava Beit Yitzhak" is yogourmet יוגורמה in a bucket. Ive seen them in most supermarkets and reasonably priced. we also mix in it other cream cheeses and the result is terrific. Our other staple is tnuva's "fromez" 200g wraps, tasting other similar products overseas this one comes tops in taste and texture.

    3. oh oh yes I have tried Beit Yitzhak yogurt products, I even reviewed one back in September it was good but a little too thick for me- maybe your suggestion of mixing it with other cheeses would take care of the that, good idea to try, thanks.
      I did taste their לבנה and I enjoyed that very much.