Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Elite's Big Shush & Big Cheetos

It seems that so many new items I review are released as "limited editions" from the Dark-Chocolate Egozi bar to the Prigat Shakes and now this "BIG" line of Baked Shush and Cheetos. I'm guessing companies are afraid the product will not "work" therefore they release it as a "limited edition" so we will not be surprised when it's no longer available.

Elite has 2 new Limited Edition BIG snacks; Big Shush and Big Cheetos.

Big Shush and Big Cheetos are both baked not fried snacks. The Big Shush have 7 vitamins added, as well, to make them a little "healthier".

Actually neither of these are really all that new. Baked Shush and baked Cheetos have been on the shelf for quite a while. What's new is the size of the snack.

Big Shush is a longer puffed-corn peanut-butter flavored snack. Shush is basically Elite's answer to Osem's extremely popular Bamba snack.

Although Bamba is far from my favorite snack, Osem's Bamba wins hands down over Elites Shush in both taste and texture, regardless of the size or shape. In my opinion this new longer BIG version is just a gimmick. It tastes exactly like the shorter baked Shush. For kids who prefer Shush over Bamba it might be easier for them to grip this bigger version.

Big Cheetos are a large, round, puffed-corn, cheese-flavored snack. (not made with real cheese) Each one is roughly the size of a golf ball, like a half Shekel coin in diameter. As with the Big Shush all that is different between the Big Cheetos and the regular baked, round, cheese-Cheetos is the size.

It was not very easy to eat the large Cheetos and it was surly less fun than popping the smaller Cheetos in your mouth. I think kids may really struggle with the size of this snack. If I were to buy Cheetos it will surely not be this Big version.

Bottom line: In my opinion Big Shush and Big Cheetos are just a gimmick. Regardless, I don’t like Shush but the big size didn’t bother me. Regarding the Cheetos I think the big size is a failure, so in this case I don’t really care if it's just a limited edition.

Big Shush -55 gram bag- 2.50 NIS
Big Cheetos – 40 gram bag- 2.50 NIS

Kosher: Parve - Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own

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